3.2: Registration and Study List

The Preliminary Study List deadline is the first day of classes of each quarter during the academic year. As early as possible when enrollment opens, but no later than the Preliminary Study List deadline, students must officially enroll in courses through Axess for the quarter. Students are expected to be enrolled “at status” by the Preliminary Study List deadline, meaning that students must be enrolled in sufficient units (9 units for full time) to meet requirements for their status. Students will be charged a $200 late study list fee for submitting their study lists after the quarterly deadline. Quarterly enrollment deadlines are available on the Academic Calendar.

  • Study List Changes
  • Students may add courses or units to their study lists through the end of the Final Study List deadline at the third week of classes. Individual faculty may choose to close their classes to new enrollments at an earlier date.
  • Courses or units may be added only if the revised program remains within the normal load limits. Courses or units may be dropped by students through the Final Study List deadline, without any record of the course remaining on the student’s transcript.
  • After the Final Study List deadline, appropriate course instructor approval must be obtained. Study List Changes approved after the deadline must be submitted to the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office.
  • If the instructor allows a student to take an ‘I’ (incomplete) in the course, the student must make the appropriate arrangements for that with the instructor within 1 week of completion of the course.

updated August 2023