3.24: School of Medicine Learning Spaces

General Learning Spaces

All Learning Spaces (exceptions are the Goodman Immersive Learning Center [see below] and the Berg Conference Center) may be booked by students for study, seminar discussions, etc.  These spaces include Medscheduler classrooms in: LKSC (floors 1-3), MSOB, Alway, and CCSR. Students are advised that after-hours activities that may require housekeeping will need to be planned in advance.  Rooms must be returned to their original condition.  https://med.stanford.edu/medscheduler/policies.html

Goodman Immersive Learning Center (ILC)

The Goodman Immersive Learning Center in the LKSC may be scheduled only by course coordinators and/or faculty for guided learning exercises and activities. The hours of operation of the ILC are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday.  https://cisl.stanford.edu/about-cisl.html

Safety and Emergencies

In the case of an Emergency (fire, security, medical, chemical spill, etc.) call X-C286.  If evacuation is necessary, please move to designated evacuation-meeting locations outside of the buildings and look for the Building Response Team in the bright vests.

Cell phone reception may be limited in basement facilities.

TA Training: All TAs must adhere to TA lab training and safety policies that are referenced in the TA Handbook. 


updated August 2023