4.15: Curriculum and Assistantship Limits

Any student undertaking 100% MD curriculum effort may obtain up to an additional 25% appointment effort. An appointment is herein defined to include any Teaching Assistantship (TA) or Research Assistantship (RA), either in the School of Medicine or broader University, and/or Medical Scholars funding award. Those students in good academic standing who wish to exceed the 125% curriculum and appointment limit as set by the School of Medicine, must receive approval from their Academic Advising Dean.

A student must complete the online “Curriculum and Assistantship Exemption Form” at least two weeks prior to the start of the quarter in which a student is seeking an exemption. The request must be approved by the student’s Academic Advising Dean who may require statements from the student’s E4C mentor, course directors, and PI/research director indicating the academic readiness of the student and confirming that the student’s extra/co-curricular work will not interfere with their commitments and required MD curriculum. If approved, the student is responsible for informing labs, course directors, and others of the plan to exceed the 125% limit and the commitments they will be involved in.

Please note that for students who may be enrolled in a reduced curriculum effort (i.e., splitting the curriculum), the 125% effort limit applies and any combination of effort in excess of this will require an exemption. 

If the student fails to inform the Advising Dean in advance of TAships or RAships commitments on the main campus, the Director of Financial Aid will initiate the process if they see that the limit has been exceeded. Additional safeguards may be put in place to ensure that students are following through with the policy and procedures outlined above.  

Outside Employment Commitments

Students wishing to pursue outside employment opportunities are strongly encouraged to adhere to the curriculum and assistantship effort  limits outlined above when considering outside employment commitments. We recommend that all students meet with their Academic Advising Dean to discuss how these commitments may impact their educational plan.

NOTE: the policy outlined above refers to effort and not funding. Students may not be funded above 100% and should contact the Office of Financial Aid should they have questions or concerns.

updated August 2023