Academic Support

Office of Medical Student Affairs

The Office of Medical Student Affairs is here to help you with all of your academic and student life needs.


The Registrar’s Office maintains the official record of each medical student. The office also coordinates the Visiting Student program in which students from other schools can participate in clinical electives.

Student Life Advising

The Office of Medical Student Wellness provides confidential counseling to students on personal issues affecting their academic life. The office also addresses student concerns regarding incidents of student mistreatment in the learning environment.

Academic Advising

The goal of Academic Advising is to ensure each student optimizes their path to the MD degree by taking full advantage of the resources of Stanford University and the School of Medicine. Questions can be directed to Advising Manager, Ray Jackman, at (650) 724-9622 or

Learning Strategies

The MD Program’s Learning Strategies service is available to help students to improve their study techniques and tap into Stanford's learning-related resources.


Advisors in the Office of Diversity in Medical Education are available to assist students with issues related to cultural adaptation to careers in medicine.

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Technology Support

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