Discovery Curriculum Leadership

Neil Gesundheit, MD, MPH

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education 

  • Oversees implementation of the new Stanford medical student curriculum
  • Oversees educational programs for medical students, physician assistant master's students, residents and fellows in clinical training, and Stanford-sponsored continuing medical education (CME) programs for faculty.

Daniel Bernstein, MD

Associate Dean for Curriculum and Scholarship

  • Responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing the undergraduate medical curriculum and student research and scholarship
  • Supports faculty development activities and ensures high quality teaching
  • Chairs the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP)

PJ Utz, MD

Associate Dean for Medical Student Research

  • Responsible for promoting physician investigator development across the physician-scientist career continuum 
  • Responsible for creating programs and opportunities for medical students to build careers as investigators and leaders
  • Oversees Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

Preetha Basaviah, MD

Assistant Dean, Pre-Clerkship Education

  • Oversees the pre-clerkship curriculum
  • Chairs the Pre-Clerkship Course Directors' committee

Tracy Rydel, MD

Assistant Dean, Clerkship Education

  • Oversees the clerkship curriculum
  • Chairs the Required Clerkship Directors' committee

Cynthia Irvine, M.Ed.

Associate Dean, Office of Medical Education

  • Oversees staff, financial and operational management for the MD curriculum
  • Oversees compliance with LCME standards for the educational program

Iris Gibbs, MD

Associate Dean of Stanford MD Admissions 

Oversees student admissions for the MD program

Bahij Austin

Assistant Dean for Curricular Affairs

  • Oversees policies and procedures related to the required curriculum; manages the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy
  • Administrative oversight of curriculum re-design and implementation
  • Administrative Director for the Educators-4-CARE program

Shannon Wong, M.Ed.

Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives in Medical Education  

Supports the redesign and implementation of the new Stanford medical student curriculum