5.6: Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)

The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), also known as the Dean’s Letter, will be compiled by the Advising Deans and sent to residency program directors as part of the application to obtain positions for postgraduate training. The letter is submitted to residency programs in the autumn of the student’s final year in the MD program. This letter is a narrative evaluation of the student’s accomplishments in the MD program. Achievements during clinical clerkships and attributes as potential house officers and physicians are major points of emphasis. Recognition is included in the letter for accomplishments in research, teaching, and community service. The MSPE will also include in the last sentence of the required clerkship narrative the student’s performance in each of three domains of the Criterion-Based Evaluation System (CBES). There will also be an appendix that describes CBES, including the criteria used and the process used to collect data and formulate the summary evaluation.

updated August 2022