MD Program Centralized Calendar

The Stanford School of Medicine MD Program Centralized Calendar is a new Canvas tool available to all students, staff, faculty, and other members of the Stanford community designed to provide an overview of required curriculum course schedules and important upcoming events.

  • How to request the addition of an event to the Centralized Calendar
  • If you would like to add an event to the calendar you can submit your request using this Qualtrics Survey. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from an OME administrator once your request has been reviewed and approved.
  • How to access the Centralized Calendar
  • Please note that an active SUNet account will be needed to access Canvas.
  • Important Information for Course Directors, TAs, and Course Managers
  • Please note that the Centralized Calendar feed will pull data from the information in your individual course calendars and combines them all into Year 1, Year 2, and required Clerkship courses respectively. For ease of navigation, we will be standardizing how information is entered into the course calendar.
  • When entering an event into your Course calendar you will see the following entry box on Canvas:
  • For the Title:
    • Enter the Course Number, Event Type, Topic, and whether attendance is mandatory or optional (INDE xxx: Lecture Type Abbreviation, Topic (Event Status; Recording Status).
    • For example, an optional non-recorded microbiology lab would be entered as INDE 263: LAB Bacteria & Antibiotics (Opt; NRec). The Date and Time fields are self-explanatory.
  • For Location:
    • Enter the room number and/or Zoom Link.
  • For the Calendar:
    • Select your course’s calendar prior to submitting.
    • Check the “Mark as Important Date” box if the event has mandatory attendance or is a graded assessment (quizzes, midterms, finals, etc…)
  • Acceptable Abbreviations*
  • Event Type:
  • LEC – Lecture
    LAB – Laboratory
    PtP – Patient Presentation
    SIM – Simulation
    TUT – Tutorial
    IS – Interactive Sessions
    JC – Journal Club
    RFL – Reflection
    DSG – Small Group Discussion
    DLG – Large Group Discussion
    PBL – Problem Based Learning
    CBL – Case Based Learning
  • TBL – Team Based Learning
    IL – Independent Learning
    CE – Clinical Experience
    RSC – Research
    EXM – Exam
    QZ – Quiz
    SA – Self Assessment
    PP – Project Presentation
    RS – Review Session
    OH – Office Hours
    SEM – Seminar
    TH – Town Hall
  • Event Status:
  • MAN – Mandatory Attendance
  • OPT – Optional Attendance
  • REC – Session will be video captured/recorded
  • NRec – Session will not be captured/recorded

*If there are missing abbreviations for event type/status or if any of the event definitions are unclear, please refer to this glossary or e-mail Mohamed Sow (