PD Exercise Classes Live Online

For those with Parkinson's disease (PD) exercise is as important as medications, but it isn't always possible to exercise outdoors or go to an exercise class.  Sometimes people feel a greater commitment to exercising in a class setting when others are expecting your attendance.  These live virtual exercise classes allow you to exercise in your home with the added benefit of some social interaction (albeit virtual).  Remember, it's motivating (and healthy!) for care partners to exercise at the same time.  

Most classes listed here are specific to PD.  All are appropriate for those with PD.  Classes are open to anyone, not just to those in the area where the hosting organization is located.

Also check out our list of PD exercise videos -- available any time!

Amy Says Dance

By Amy Herman Carlson (Los Angeles, CA)

Cost: Free

Classes: free form dance

Class time (PT):

  • Daily: 8:30am

Use this link to join the class at the scheduled time

APDA St. Louis Live Stream Exercise Class

By American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) Greater St. Louis Chapter

Cost: Free

Classes:  tai chi, seated exercise, and interval  

Class Times:  Not published.  If there is a class in progress you will join the live class.  If there is not a class in progress you will be given a list of archived classes.

Duration:  About 1 hour

Beat Parkinson's Today Virtual Classes

By Beat Parkinson's Today (East Hartford, CT)

Cost: $54/month (day pass or 10-pack also available)

Classes: beginner, bronze, silver, yoga.  Also: mind-body

Class Times (PT):

  • Monday: 6am (silver), 7:15am (beginner), 10am (bronze), 11:15am (silver)
  • Tuesday: 6am (silver), 7:15am (bronze), 8:30am (yoga)
  • Wednesday: 10am (bronze), 11:15am (silver)
  • Thursday: 6am (silver), 7:15am (bronze), 1pm (yoga)
  • Friday: 8:30am (beginner), 9:45am (bronze)
  • Saturday: 6:30am (silver), 6:45am (bronze)

Assessment required via phone (860-918-9594) or video prior to attending exercise classes.  Assessment form available online.

Congruence Physical Therapy Classes

By Congruence Physical Therapy (Milpitas, CA)

Cost: $10/class

Classes: Neuro-Fit high intensity and PWR!Moves

Class Times (PT): 

  • Tuesday: 1pm (neuro-fit)
  • Thursday: 1pm (PWR!)

Duration: 60 minutes

Classes led by Rupali Vyas, DPT.  Virtual pre-screening is required before registering for classes and at six month intervals.  Email or phone (650-336-5394) Dr. Vyas to arrange pre-screening.

Dance for PD

By Mark Morris Dance Group (New York, NY)

Cost: Free except tap ($72 for 6-week class)

Classes:  Dance for PD (English and Español), tai chi, tap, yoga, theater movement.  Also:  singing, guided meditation.

Class times (PT):  

  • Monday: 8am (dance)
  • Tuesday: 10am (tap), 2:30pm (dance PRO)
  • Wednesday: 11am (dance en Español), noon (dance) 
  • Friday: 8am (dance), noon (tai chi), noon (movement)
  • Saturday: 10am (dance)

Duration: 45-60 minutes

To register, click on the class within 15 minutes of the start-time.

Dancing with Parkinson's

By Dancing with Parkinson's US (Las Vegas, NV)

Cost: Free (donations accepted)

Classes: Dance for PD

Class times (PT):

  • Tuesday: 9am
  • Thursday: 1pm

Duration: 60-75 minutes

Dancing with Parkinson's

By Strictly Dancing FL (Sun Coast of Florida)

Cost: $5/class

Classes: dancing with Parkinson's (ballroom dancing)

Class Times (PT):

  • Tuesday: 10am
  • Wednesday: 10am
  • Thursday: 3:30pm
  • Friday: 10am

Duration: 60 minutes

Equipment: non slip socks, cane, walker, chair, wheelchair, water, towel

Must register and buy a ticket before each class at Eventbrite.

Houston Area Parkinson Society Online Classes

By Houston Area Parkinson Society

Cost: Free

Classes: yoga, aerobics, tai chi, PWR!Moves, Dance for PD, speech/exercise, rhythm/strength

Class Times (PT):

  • Monday: 8am (yoga), 10:45am (dance), noon (speech and exercise
  • Tuesday: 2:45pm (speech and exercise)
  • Wednesday: 8am (PWR!Moves), 3pm (rhythm)
  • Thursday: 9:45am (yoga), 2pm (aerobics)
  • Friday: 7am (tai chi), 9am (PWR!Moves)
  • Saturday: 8am (PWR!Moves)

Duration: 60 minutes

On the calendar, click on the class you want to join to get the video link.

JCC Greater Boston Exercise and Movement Classes

By JCC Greater Boston

Cost: NIA $180, other classes $165 for 12 week session

Classes: NIA (neuromuscular integrated action), seated strength, total body conditioning

Class times (PT):

  • Tuesday: 11am (NIA)
  • Thursday:  11am (seated)
  • Friday: 7:30am (conditioning)

Duration: 45 minutes

JCC Tampa Bay Parkinson's Program Fitness Classes

By the JCC on the Cohn Campus (Tampa, FL)

Cost: $20/month or $100 for six months

Classes:  NIA (neuromuscular integrated action), Rock Steady Boxing (RSB), stretch/strength, tai chi.  Also:  singing.

Class times (PT): 

  • Monday: 8:45am (NIA), 11am (RSB)
  • Wednesday: 8:30am (stretch/strength), 11am (RSB)
  • Friday: 10:30am (tai chi)
  • Sunday: 8:30am (RSB)

Register:  Pnina Levermore, coordinator, phone 813-291-2253, email

Joy of Movement

By Joy of Movement (Pittsboro, NC)

Cost: $15/class, $70 for 5 classes, $130 for 10 classes, $150 for 20 classes

Classes: NIA (neuromuscular integrated action), yoga, gentle yoga, sacred moves, belly dancing.  Also: meditation.

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 7:30am (NIA), 2:30pm (yoga)
  • Tuesday:  2:15pm (yoga), 2:30pm (yoga)
  • Wednesday: 7:30am (NIA), 11am (sacred), 3pm (gentle yoga), 3pm (yoga)
  • Thursday: 2:45pm (yoga), 4:30pm (belly)

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Kujiweza Parkinson's Online Fitness

By Kujiweza Arts Institute

Cost: $60/month

Classes: PD exercise, walking for balance, tai chi/qi gong

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 10am (PD)
  • Tuesday: 10am (PD), 11:30am (walking)
  • Wednesday: 10am (PD)
  • Thursday: 10am (walking)
  • Saturday: 10am (tai chi)

Duration: 30-75 minutes

Lineage Performing Arts Center Online Classes

By Lineage Performing Arts Center (Pasadena, CA)

Cost: Free

Classes: The Shakes, Dance for Joy.  Also: Sing for Joy

Class Times (PT):

  • Monday: 12:15pm (shakes), 2pm (dance)
  • Wednesday: 10:45am (shakes), 2pm (dance)

Memorial Care Parkinson's Exercise Class

By Memorial Care (Long Beach, CA)

Cost: Free

Classes: Parkinson's exercise  

Class Times (PT):

Duration: 30 minutes

See calendar.  Participants may attend one session per day.  For information, contact Theresa Stern by email or phone (714-378-5022).

Neuroboxing Live Online Exercise

By Neuroboxing (Westlake Village, CA)

Cost: Donations accepted

Classes: boxing

Class Times (PT):

  • Monday: 1:30pm 
  • Tuesday: 10am
  • Wednesday: 1:30pm
  • Thursday: 10am 
  • Saturday: 11am

Duration: 1 hour

Online Movement for Parkinson's

By Flynn Center for the Performing Arts (Burlington, VT)

Cost: Free (donations accepted)

Classes: Dance for PD

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 7am
  • Thursday: 7am

Duration: 75 minutes

Online Parkinson's Fitness Class

By Synaptic Physical Therapy, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)

Cost: Free - Thursday; $10.99 - Monday and Tuesday

Classes: PWR!Moves, low impact cardio, strength, and flexibility

Class times (PT):

Classes led by Theresa Najjar, DPT, NCS.  Free Thursday class requires a signed Adaptive PE Registration form, downloaded from the Thursday class web page and returned via email.

Duration: 55 minutes

PAR Online Exercise Classes

By Parkinson Association of the Rockies (Denver, CO)

Cost: Free

Classes: rhythm and grace, movement, PWR!, circuit training, PD exercise, Power Punch, stretch/core, yoga, advanced yoga, stretch/balance.  Also:  LOUD, singing. 

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 10am (rhythm), 10am (movement), 11am (PWR!)
  • Tuesday: 8:30am (circuit), 8:30am (PD), 9am (punch), 9:30am (stretch/core), 10am (punch), 2pm (punch), 3:44pm (punch)
  • Wednesday: 10am (yoga), 10am (PWR!), 1:15pm (movement)
  • Thursday: 7am (advanced yoga), 8:30am (circuit), 10am (yoga), 3:44pm (punch)
  • Friday: 9:30am (stretch/balance), noon (PD)

Duration: 60-75 minutes

Liability waiver must be submitted to E. Cussler to obtain access to classes.

Parkinson Place Online Classes

By Parkinson Place (Sarasota, FL)

Cost: Free for those with Parkinson's

Classes:  balance, dance, pilates, Rock Steady Boxing, stretch, tai chi, total body workout, and yoga.  Also:  voice.

Class times (PT): 

  • Monday: 9am (yoga), 10:30am (RSB)
  • Tuesday: 8:30am (total body), noon (stretch)
  • Wednesday: 10am (balance)
  • Thursday: 8am (dance), 8:30am (total body), 11:30am (pilates)
  • Friday: 9am (RSB), 11am (tai chi)

Parkinson's Exercise Programs 4 You

By PEP4U Gym (Laguna Niguel, CA)

Cost: Free

Classes:  strength, shadow boxing, strength/cardio, yoga.  Also:  cognition and Parkinson's education hour.

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 2pm (yoga)
  • Wednesday: 2pm (strength)
  • Thursday: 2pm (strength/cardio)
  • Saturday: 2pm (shadow boxing)

Duration: 60 minutes

Parkinson's Fitness Virtual Live Classes

By Parkinson's Fitness (Salem, MA)

Cost: Free

Classes: strength, Balance in Motion

Class times (PT):

  • Tuesday: 8am (strength)
  • Wednesday: 8am (strength)
  • Thursday: 7am (strength)
  • Friday: 10am (balance)
  • Saturday: 10am (strength)

The Parkinson's Gym

By The Parkinson's Gym (Knoxville, TN)

Cost: $96/3 months, $182/6 months, $326/year for live classes, archived class videos, and personal consultation

Classes: Stretch and strengthen, PWR!Moves, core, boxing, etc.

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 10:30am
  • Wednesday: 10:30am
  • Friday: 10:30am

Duration: 55 minutes

PD Active Online Exercise Classes

By PD Active (Berkeley, CA)

Cost: Suggested $10-$15/class, paid via PayPal or Venmo to instructor or PD Active

Classes: PWR!Moves, chair-based exercise, yoga, dance for PD, mindful movement, pilates.  Also mindfulness meditation and singing.

Class times (PT):  

  • Tuesday: 11am (PWR!Moves), 12:30pm (chair-based)
  • Wednesday: 10am (RSB), 1pm (yoga)
  • Thursday: 10:30am (dance), noon (pilates), 2pm (yoga)
  • Friday: 11am (mindful movement), noon (tai chi), 2pm (PWR!Moves II)

Duration: 20-75 minutes

PD-Connect Virtual Classes

By PD-Connect (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)

Cost: Free (donation-based)

Classes: high-intensity exercise, dance.  Also: voice, brain training.

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 1:30pm (high intensity)
  • Tuesday: 11am (high intensity), 1pm (dance)
  • Wednesday: 1:30pm (high intensity)
  • Thursday: 2:15pm (high intensity)
  • Friday: 1:30pm (high intensity)

Duration: 60 minutes

Power For Parkinson's Live Stream Exercise

By Power For Parkinson's (Austin, TX)

Cost: Free

Classes: strength/balance, brain/body, move/shout, dance, young onset.  Also: vocal strength

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 11am (strength)
  • Tuesday: 9am (move)
  • Thursday: 9am (strength), 11am (dance)
  • Friday: 11am (brain)
  • Saturday: 7am (young onset)

Duration: about an hour

re+active PT Group Classes for Neurologic Diagnoses

By re+active PT (Los Angeles, CA)

Cost: $99/month

Classes: re+move (PD-specific class), re+store (stretching and breathing), re+groove (dance), re+strike 3 (standing boxing), re+burn (cardio), strike 'n burn (cardio + boxing).

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 11am (re+move 3), noon (strike 'n burn)
  • Tuesday: 10am (re+move 2), 11am (re+move 3), noon (re+burn), 1pm (re+store)
  • Wednesday: 10am (re+burn), 11am (re+strike 3), noon (re+move 3/4), 1pm (re+move 1)
  • Thursday: 10am (re+strike 3), 11am (re+move 3), noon (re+burn), 1pm (re+groove)
  • Friday: 10am (re+move 2), 11am (re+move 3), noon (re+burn)
  • Saturday: 11am (re+move 3)

Note: the number following the class name indicates the intensity level.  1 is seated.  4 is the highest intensity.

Rebel Fit Club

By Kimberly Berg's Rebel Fit Club (Portland, OR)

Cost: Call for pricing

Classes:  boxing bootcamp, seated boxing bootcamp, drumming and dance, PWR! chair boxing bootcamp, PWR!, seated stretch, seated or standing stretch, tai chi, yoga.  Also virtual happy hour.

Class times (PT): 

  • Monday: 8am (boxing), 10am (boxing), 11:15am (yoga), 1pm (seated boxing)
  • Tuesday: 10am (boxing), noon (PWR!), 1pm (PWR! boxing), 5:30pm (boxing)
  • Wednesday: 8am (boxing), 10am (boxing), 11:15am (yoga), 1pm (seated boxing)
  • Thursday: 10am (boxing), noon (PWR!), 1pm (PWR! boxing), 5:30pm (boxing)
  • Friday: 11am (PWR! boxing), 11:30am (drumming)
  • Saturday: 8:30am (ladies boxing), 10:30am (tai chi), noon (seated or standing stretch)
  • Sunday: noon (seated stretch)

Class duration:  60 minutes

Rock Steady Boxing Winnipeg Online

By U-Turn Parkinson's (Winnipeg, Canada)

Cost: $35/month (1 class/wk), $70/month (2 classes/wk), $100/month (3 classes/wk)

Classes:  Rock Steady Boxing

Class times (PT):

  • Wednesdays: 8am

Duration: 60 minutes

You must complete and return these forms to U-Turn Parkinson's prior to enrolling in the class.

Rogue In Motion Parkinson's Exercises and Education

By Rogue in Motion (Fountain Valley, CA)

Cost: $49.99/month or $499.99/year after a free one week trial

Classes:  boxing, cardio, dance, HIIT, PWR! Moves, yoga.  Also:  brain training, cooking.

Class times (PT): 

  • Monday: 8am (cardio), 9am (PWR!), 10:15am (HIIT), 11:30am (dance)
  • Tuesday: 9am (PWR!), 10:15am (boxing)
  • Wednesday: 8am (cardio), 9am (PWR!), 10:15am (HIIT), 11:30am (dance)
  • Thursday: 9am (PWR!), 10:15am (HIIT)
  • Friday: 8am (cardio), 9am (PWR!), 10:15am (boxing), 11:30am (dance), 1pm (yoga)
  • Saturday: 9am (PWR!), 10:15am (HIIT)

Duration:  30-60 minutes

Rx Ballroom Dance

By Rx Ballroom Dance (Ladera Ranch, CA)

Cost: Free (donations accepted)

Class: ballroom dance for people with Parkinson's and dementia 

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 11:30am (dance)
  • Wednesday: 11:30am (dance)
  • Friday: 11:30am (dance)

Duration: 30 minutes

Contact form required to obtain class access


By Patrick LoSasso (Los Angeles, CA)

Cost: Free (donations accepted)

Classes: energetic and gentle chair

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 10:30am (energetic)
  • Wednesday: 10:30am (energetic)
  • Thursday: noon (gentle chair)
  • Friday: 10:30am (energetic)

Recommended equipment: two hand weights (1 or 2 lbs. or 2 water bottles if you don't have hand weights), medium sized towel, ball (tennis, golf, hand ball or rolled up socks), resistance tubing or band

Stanford Neurosciences Supportive Care Program Virtual Exercise Classes

By Stanford Healthcare (Palo Alto, CA)

Cost: Free

Classes: chair yoga, dance for PD, exercise for PD, Sit and Be Fit, tai chi, strength yoga

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 1:30pm (dance)
  • Tuesday: 10:30am (sit), 10:30am (strength yoga), 1:30pm (PD exercise), 2:30pm (tai chi)
  • Wednesday: 10:30am (chair yoga), 2:15pm (tango)
  • Thursday: 10:30am (sit), noon (tai chi), 1:30pm (PD exercise)
  • Friday: 1:30pm (dance)

Duration: 30-90 minutes

The Zoomin' Bunch

By Nice Guy Training (Chicago, IL)

Cost: $30 weekly

Class:  PWR! Moves

Class times (PT): 

  • Monday: 11am
  • Wednesday: 11am
  • Friday: 11am

Note:  Physician's approval is required.   

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