California Driving Resources

These resources provide safe driving information for seniors, explain how driving assessments are done, and will help you find a driving rehabilitation specialist or driving safety course in California.  Our Nationwide Driving Resources page provides more information on these same topics in addition to transportation options after driving retirement.

Find information on how Parkinson's affects driving, tips to help you discuss with a loved one that it may be time for them to stop driving, and how MDs assess a person's ability to drive safety on our Driving and PD page.

Assessment of Ability to Drive Safely | Find a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist | Safe Driving Courses

Assessment of Ability to Drive Safely

Anonymously Request Driver Re-examination with California DMV

There are times that the driver must be stopped from driving for his own or others’ safety. Anyone can make an anonymous report to California's DMV, using form DS 699.

Assessing Elderly Drivers

This web page is a resource for nurse practitioners to understand the importance of driving to seniors, when driving assessments should be made by medical providers, how to screen for driver safety, how to report a possibly unsafe driver to California DMV, how DMV will respond to the driver, and how to help people accept when it is time to stop driving.

Driver Cognitive Assessment Cente r (DCAC)

DCAC, in Pleasanton, CA, aims to protect safe drivers from misidentification based solely on their medical condition or age, and to accurately identify unsafe drivers. DCAC uses DriveABLE, an in-office computerized neurocognitive assessment tool, which was studied and found to be highly accurate in identifying drivers with cognitive impairment. Referrals to DCAC can be made by anyone. In-office evaluation is $300. If further evaluation is needed, on-road driving evaluation is available for $325.

DMV Senior Guide for Safe Driving

A 84-page booklet with information from the California Department of Motor Vehicles on how changes due to aging, including cognitive impairment (and impairment caused by Parkinson's Disease) can negatively affect one's ability to drive safely. Assessing your driving, making adjustments, the re-examination process, when to stop driving, and what to do when you are concerned about another person's driving.

Senior Drivers: Driving Safer, Longer

This one-hour Family Caregiver Alliance webinar from June 2016 introduces the California DMV Senior Driver Ombudsman Program. The webinar guest speaker gave the suggestion to call the California senior driver ombudsman about referring someone for a driving safety re-examination or hearing.  (Phone numbers for the Senior Driver Ombudsman Program's four regions in California are available at the bottom of this webpage.)

Find a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist

Note: private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare do not pay for driver evaluations. Possible sources for coverage include vocational rehabilitation programs, independent living programs, workers compensation benefit payments, or private pay.

Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

This association is a professional organization promoting excellence in the field of driver rehabilitation and advocacy in support of safe, independent community mobility.  It trains and certifies driver rehabilitation specialists.  It keeps a membership list of driver rehabilitation specialists (DRS) and a membership list of certified driver rehabilitation specialist (CDRS).

California Occupational Therapist Driving Programs

A list (alphabetical by county) of occupational therapists and occupational therapy programs trained in driving assessment and evaluation.  Occupational therapists with this additional training can help seniors determine how health impairments and other limitations may be affecting their driving, then help develop and implement a plan for how they can reduce their risks and stay safely mobile.

You may also contact your local rehabilitation hospital's occupational therapy department for information on OTs who are driving specialists.

Safe Driving Courses

Age Well Drive Smart

During non-pandemic times, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) offered a free, three-hour senior driver safety/mobility classes to educate drivers over 65. Some local CHP offices are offering a one-hour online version through city senior centers and park and recreation departments. To find out if your local CHP office has an upcoming class use the "Find an Office" search function on the CHP's website. When you call your local CHP office, ask if there is an "Age Well Drive Smart" offered online in your area. 

California AAA Online Roadwise Driver Course

AAA offers the Roadwise Driver course online for a fee.  AAA members receive a discount.  It is designed to help you hone your driving skills, learn about new vehicle technology, and offers driving tips to be a better, safer driver. 

After successfully completing the course those with AAA auto insurance will receive a auto insurance premium discount.  People with auto insurance through other providers may also be eligible for an auto insurance premium discount.  Check with your insurance provider for details.

Mature Driver Improvement Program

Designed for drivers 55 and older, the Mature Driver Improvement Program provides instruction on defensive driving, California motor vehicle laws, updates on rules of the road, and the effects that medication, fatigue, alcohol, visual, or auditory limitations have on a person’s driving ability.  The California DMV provides a list of approved Mature Driver Improvement Programs (fee based).

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