Symptom Trackers

APDA Healthcare Communication Graph

By the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA)

This online self evaluation tool of motor and non-motor symptoms allows you to identify changes in symptoms over time.  Print or email and share results with your healthcare team to make appointments more focused and productive. 

APDA Symptom Tracker 2.0

By the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA)

In addition to tracking both motor and non-motor symptoms, the latest update to the APDA Symptom Tracker App includes an interactive medication tracker.

Also added are helpful notifications and reminders including, reminders to enter your medications and symptoms into the app, push notifications about helpful education programs, and updates on treatments.  All information can be shared with your clinician prior to your appointments.

Download to your device from Google Play or the App Store.

Parkinson’s Symptoms Diary Worksheet

Published by the Parkinson’s Foundation

This printable 6-page PDF allows you to track medication, meal and sleep times for 24 hours with additional pages to track three symptoms per page throughout the day.

Parkinson’s Well-Being Map

By UCB S.A., Belgium

This online self evaluation tool of motor and non-motor symptoms allows you to identify changes in symptoms over time and prepare for doctors appointments.  If a symptom is not pre-printed, you can enter your own symptoms in eight symptom categories.  Save each map to compare over time.  Fill out a questionnaire to prepare for your next doctor appointment.
Also available as a printable PDF.

Symptom Checklists

Published by the Davis Phinney Foundation

This webpage offers several printable worksheets for wellness and lifestyle self-assessments, including 15 symptoms checklists ranging from comprehensive (My Symptoms Worksheet) to specific (bladder, cognition, constipation, dental, dyskinesia/off time log, anxiety, depression, fatigue, gait/balance/freezing, insomnia/sleep, low blood pressure/dizziness, speech/communication, swallowing, and sexual dysfunction).  Also available are worksheets to prepare for appointments, hospitalizations, medical procedures (including DBS), and healthcare team contacts.

Last updated August 2020 by Stanford Parkinson's Community Outreach.