Some of Our Favorite Caregiver Blogs

These blogs are about caregiving.  They are written by caregivers, journalists, experts and staff writers for Parkinson's disease and caregiving organizations.  Most are about taking care of yourself as a caregiver, getting your affairs in order, advocating for your loved one, etc.  But some are personal experiences with tips for caregiving. 

Pick a few and have a read.  You may learn something and you will definitely not feel alone in being a caregiver.

Caregiver Blog by The Caregiver's Voice

Bloggers: Brenda Avadian, MA, and experts

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Topics covered: helping loved ones feel less guilty; book reviews; caregiver survival tips; improving your memory; preparing pureed meals; when a loved one dies on a holiday; and caregiver burnout. 

The Caregiver Space

Bloggers: Mix of expert and guest authors 

Frequency: Daily

Topics covered: avoiding caregiver burnout; resilience; podcasts to help you get to sleep; future-proofing your home; how to ask for the help you need; financial issues; music therapy; Medicare changes; 10 steps to being the executor of an estate; and grief. 

Caring for Aging Parents

Bloggers: Pamela D. Wilson, Caregiving Expert

Frequency: Every other Wednesday

Topics covered: Issues related to family caregiving for adult children, spouses, etc. Material includes blog posts, podcasts, and transcripts from The Caring Generation® radio program.

Daily Caring

Bloggers: DailyCaring Editorial Team

Frequency: Daily

Topics covered: home safety and scam avoidance; dementia care; health and wellness; caregiver stress; holidays as a caregiver; finding a support group; hiring caregiving help; aging at home; financial/tax tips; and self-care.


Blogger: Anne Tumlinson

Frequency: Irregular

Topics covered: the burden of “self care”; don’t be surprised by Medicare’s out-of-pocket costs; letting go or, “It’s not all about you”…; throwing in the towel: the 6 most important questions to ask when you want to quit caregiving; 4 tips for talking to your parents about death.

Give A Care

Bloggers: Jess and Arthur, caregivers to Jess’s mother for nearly 10 years

Frequency: Varying intervals between Oct. 2016 and Oct. 2019

Topics covered: Advocating for care, dysphagia, hydration tips, natural thickeners, UTI prevention, dysphagia diet, wound care tips, brushing teeth, tips for taking medicine, what is home health, how to change bed sheets with somebody in them, caregiving equipment, tips for hospitalization, skin care tips, 5 things to look for in a new doctor, bathing tips, easy meal ideas, birthday and gift ideas, tips for managing incontinence, transportation assistance for seniors, ways to eat more plant-based foods, how to avoid medicine mix-ups, games for seniors with dementia, and more.

The New Old Age, by The New York Times

Bloggers: Jane Gross, Paula Span, and other contributors

Frequency: Bi-weekly, discontinued. Publication dates: 2008-2015.

Topics covered: medical decision-making, housing and long-term care; government policies; the latest geriatrics research; end-of-life choices; and the personal rewards and headaches of caring for aging loved ones.  

Working Daughter

Blogger: Liz O'Donnell

Frequency: Irregular

Topics covered: work/life balance, sandwich generation, caregiving tips, support for working women caregivers, coping with Covid, and more.  Also available is the Working Daughter podcast, book, and monthly caregiving coaching for members.

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