Some of Our Favorite PD Exercise Videos

For those with Parkinson's disease (PD) exercise is as important as medications, but it isn't always possible to exercise outdoors or attend an in-person exercise class.   These videos allow you to exercise in your home so there's little excuse not to exercise, even in winter.  Format varies from DVDs to downloadable archived class recordings.  We've included a few booklets.  Many are free.  Try several and mix it up, so you don't get bored.  It's also motivating (and healthy!) for care partners to exercise at the same time.  

Also see our list of live virtual exercise classes, taking place at scheduled times.

3 Chair Exercises for Parkinson's

By Mind & Mobility (South Florida)

Cost: Free

Three chair exercises are demonstrated by a physical therapist in a short, 3-minute video.  These exercises are intended to counter stooped posture, regain rotation of the trunk, and improve lateral strength to maintain mobility and balance.

AARP Exercise Video Library


Cost: Free

This archive includes a dozen 10-minute workouts with various well known physical fitness experts, although most videos feature Denise Austin.  In addition, there are dozens of very short, informative, motivational videos and exercise demonstrations focusing on one part of the body or specific pain relief.

"ABSOLUTE MUST DO" Exercise Mini-sets for Parkinson's disease

By Pilates 4 Parkinson's

Cost: Free

These 12 videos demonstrate the basic Pilates moves and stretches. All exercises can be done seated and are geared toward people with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Each video is between 2 to 14 minutes. When done together, the workout is about 70 minutes.

Adaptive Yoga for PD and PWR! Moves

By Michigan Parkinson Foundation, 2020-present

Cost: Free

Recordings of Adaptive Yoga for Parkinson's and PWR! Moves exercise classes. Live classes are offered Mon-Sat, recorded, and posted to the Michigan Parkinson Foundation YouTube channel.

APDA Greater St. Louis Chapter Exercise Videos

By the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) Greater St. Louis Chapter

Cost: Free

This archive contains nearly 500 exercise videos at three levels, including basic exercise for PD, cardio, seated exercise, tai chi (standing and seated), interval training, movement training, yoga, 50-50 fusion, kickboxing, balance and flexibility, stretch and strength training.  Most videos are about an hour long.

Be Active & Beyond (PDF)

By the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA), 2019

Cost:  Free

This 36-page guide (PDF) to exercise and wellness provides information on exercises designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s Disease.  This includes a daily exercise program, complete with step-by-step instructions and images, and an exercise log to keep track of efforts and goals.  In addition, it provides motivational tools to get you started and keep you going on your wellness journey.

Brian Grant Foundation Exercise Videos

By the Brian Grant Foundation

Cost: Free

The Brian Grant Foundation offers seven Parkinson’s exercise videos, including a warm up (5 minutes), lunges (8 minutes), tai chi (7 minutes), aerobics and agility (20 minutes), boxing (8 minutes), boot camp (57 minutes), pilates and yoga (7 minutes). 

Daily Dose PD

By the Parkinson’s Fitness Project (Seattle, WA)

Cost:  Free for 9 videos; $29/month or $290/year for unlimited video streaming.

The nine free classes (from 2019) include boxing fundamentals, HIIT (high intensity interval training), chair fit, tai chi, core, yoga, stretching/mobility.  The free classes are 13 to 30 minutes. Classes are led by a physical therapist with Parkinson’s specific certifications.

Paid classes incorporate PWR! Moves, cognitive dual task training, balance training, intensity training, and flexibility. For subscribers, new 20-25 minute videos are released weekly.

Dance Beyond Parkinson's

By Rachelle Smith-Stallman, Albany, NY

Cost: Free

Dance exercise class videos on YouTube.  Each is fewer than 10 minutes long.  Nearly 30 videos as of October 28, 2020.

Rachelle was featured at the Davis Phinney Foundation Victory Summit Albany in October, 2020.  Watch an interview with Rachelle here, and Rachelle's 25 minute Dance Beyond Parkinson's Summit presentation here.

Dance by Phone

By the Mark Morris Dance Group, New York

Cost: Free within North America

People without internet access or digital technology can benefit from the experience of a dance class wherever they are and whenever they want a movement session, just by dialing 1-800-957-1046. Six activities including Sun Salutation, hand and foot movements, and more.

Dance for PD

By Bowen McCauley Dance, Washington, DC

Cost: Free

Six seated dance exercise class videos on YouTube.  Each is about one hour long.  All are with the same instructor.

Dance for PD On Demand Streaming

By the Mark Morris Dance Group, New York

Cost: Free samples, $24 per volume (5 volumes), or $60 membership for access to hundreds of videos

Classes are designed to increase coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength through music and movement from a broad range of dance styles.  The digital archive includes Dance for PD, Dance for PD Pro, clases en Español, classes in Mandarin, Tap for PD, Sing for PD, Movement Lab, Movement Studio, Guided Meditation, Yoga for PD, and Pilates for PD.

Dance for PD Instructional DVDs

By Dance for PD

Cost: 4 volumes ($29.99 each or $112 for all 4), full media bundle $162

Each volume is a complete class with movements that draw from ballet, modern dance, tap, jazz and improvisation to create accessible, stimulating dances for all.

Dance on Demand

By Empowerment Dance (GreenBay, WI)

Cost: $20/month

Access a growing playlist of dance classes designed to bring joy to anyone living with a movement concern. Sample class video

Visit Empowered By Movement for live streaming dance exercise classes.

Subscription Webpage

Dancing with Parkinson's Exercise Videos

By Dancing with Parkinson's US

Cost: Free

In early 2019, trained and licensed Dance for PD affiliate, Pamela Lappen, posted a series of twelve 30-minute videos on YouTube using the Dance for PD exercise model.  Between March and September 2020, she posted five more exercise videos (10-50 minutes).

Dianna Daly Exercise Videos

By Dianna Daly

Cost: Free

This YouTube channel features 25 exercise videos, including several balance in motion classes, seated exercises, yoga, stretching, strength and balance exercises for people with Parkinson's.  The instructor is Dianna Daly, a movement teacher for people with Parkinsons, yoga instructor, and dancer.  She mixes up the venue so some videos are filmed at the beach, outside on a deck or in the park.  Most videos are 3-minutes to 15-minutes long.

EPDA ExerciseCast

By the European Parkinson's Disease Association

Cost: Free

These twenty-one exercise videos were created to help people exercise in their own homes in response to Covid-19.  The videos vary focus on movement, cognition, and voice using boxing, high intensity interval training (HIIT), dance, etc. to create a comprehensive exercise program.  Presenters also vary music, background visuals, and add timed challenges, etc. to maintain interest.  Some episodes have accompanying, downloadable worksheets with detailed explanations of the exercises and audiofiles to do the exercises without the video.

Exercise for Brain Change

By Parkinson Wellness Recovery (Tucson, AZ)

Cost: $50/month

Unlimited access to an extensive library of 30-minute Parkinson specific guided exercise videos suitable for most levels.  In addition, members have access to PD specific wellness information, tips for tracking your progress and goals, handouts for self-assessment, and ask the expert seminars.

Exercises for Parkinson's

By the Singapore General Hospital

Cost: Free

These three, 7-minute exercise videos for those with Parkinson's begin with good advice about when and how you should do the exercises demonstrated.  Videos focus on flexibility, balance, strength. There is also a video with movement tips

Exercises for People with Parkinson's

By Power Over Parkinson's (POP)

Cost: Free

Recorded Rock Steady Boxing (RSB), postural routines, stability routines, shoulder mobility routines, plyometric routines, dance lessons, upper body, legs, core, and more!

The Fit RV Workouts

By The Fit RV

Cost:  Free

While these workouts are not specifically for PD, several folks with PD have recommended them to us.  Eighty-four archived workouts by fitness trainer and wellness coach Stephanie.  Videos include stretches, exercise bands, small space workouts, yoga, couples stretches, 'no jumping' jump rope workouts, and more.

Fitness Fridays

By the Parkinson's Foundation

Cost: Free

Since April 2020, the Parkinson's Foundation has released 30 Fitness Friday videos (each is between 10 and 23 minutes long). 

For a comprehensive workout, try one of the 10 Performance Packs, comprised of two or more Fitness Friday videos.  Each Performance Pack workout focuses on one aspect of fitness for those living with PD.

Go4Life Exercise Videos

By the National Institute on Aging

Cost: Free

While these exercise videos are not specifically for those for PD, several people have recommended them to us.  This series of 12 exercise videos for older adults include warm up, flexibility, balance, lower and upper body strength, and cool down.  Video lengths range from eight minutes to an hour.

Joy of Movement Videos

By APDA Greater St. Louis Chapter

Cost: Free

These eight videos (all about 50- to 60-minutes in length) are intended for people living with PD and their care partners. Movements address flexibility, balance, endurance, functional movement and self expression. All movements are performed seated in a chair or standing supported by the chair. Movements may be done solo, although dancers are encouraged to share the fun with a partner. The instructor is Eve Fischbert, an occupational therapist with experience working with people living with PD.

Keep Moving with Jen

By Jennifer Larsen

Cost: Free

Twice weekly since March 15, 2020, Jennifer Larsen has posted an exercise video for those with Parkinson’s disease.  Jennifer is a certified athletic trainer with years of experience with PD exercise.  These videos are designed to improve mobility, balance, and muscular strength for those with PD.  One of the videos is all seated exercises and another is all floor exercises.  All of her videos contain modifications.  Some videos in September 2020 are based on the PD Warrior program.

Keep On Moving, Exercises to do at Home

By Keep It On

Four short (less than 10 minutes) videos designed to be challenging and engaging, including physical amplitude, arms and legs working and thinking together, brain exercise, daily-life moves / dance-like exercise.  Repeat them as often as you need to improve your individual outcomes.  

Coming soon - breath and voice exercise.

Live Large with Parkinson's at the Countryside Y - Workout 1 and Workout 2

By Countryside YMCA (Ohio)

Cost: Free

These two 25-minute exercise classes are designed for people with Parkinson's.   The exercises may be  done seated or standing, supported by a chair.  These videos were created in March/April 2020.

LSVT BIG Homework Helper Videos (DVD/Download/Streaming)

By LSVT Global, Inc. 

Purchase Info:; or email

Cost: $28 for DVD or download; $15/year streaming

Videos are designed for people with PD to use as an adjunct to LSVT BIG treatment delivered by an LSVT BIG certified clinician.  The videos can also be used during the month of therapy and after therapy as a motivation to practice and keep moving. Volume 1 contains standard exercises while standing.  Volume 2 contains exercises adapted to seated and supine positions, plus a chapter for caregivers. Available in English, German and Japanese.

Motivation Mondays

By Parkinson Association of Alberta, Canada

Cost: Free

Motivational Monday home workout fitness series includes over 40 YouTube video’s suitable for a wide range of fitness levels you can do in your own home. Select the workout that best suits you, and get started!

Move It! - An Exercise and Movement Guide for Parkinson’s Disease (DVD/Book)

By Ohana Pacific Rehab Services and Hawaii Parkinson Association, 2009

Purchase Info: Ohana Pacific Rehab Services, 808-262-1118, online

Cost: $24.50 for DVD; $19.50 for book; $40 for DVD and book

This program focuses on exercises, flexibility, and pragmatic solutions for walking, moving, falling, and getting up off the floor. Adaptive equipment is reviewed. Demonstrators have PD. Three levels of exercise shown. Designed by a physical therapist.

Moving for Better Balance - Part I and Part II

By Jamestown New York YMCA, May 1, 2013

Cost: Free

These two instructional videos -- part I is 10 minutes and part II is 5 minutes -- are taught by a Jamestown New York YMCA staff member using the "Moving for Better Balance" approach, an evidence-based fall prevention program.  (The Moving for Better Balance class is five hours over two days.  Contact your local Y if interested.)   

My Exercises for Parkinson's

By Michael Weiss

Cost: Free

This 30-minute video is a personal account by Michael Weiss, a person with Parkinson's.  In it he shares stretches, breathing, and physical exercises he has compiled for himself.  Exercise demonstration begins 8-minutes into the video and include toe lifts, leg swing, leg lift, knee circles, hip circles, squats, arm stretches, arm twists, shoulder stretches, chair push-ups, bicycle legs, toe touches, chopping wood, conducting, dancing, and facial exercises.

Neuroboxing workouts

By Neuroboxing

Cost: Free

Two Neuroboxing Live! workouts posted on May 3, 2020 and May 7, 2020, as well as a PWR! Moves class with coach April.  Neuroboxing Live! classes are 55-minutes.  The PWR! Moves class is one hour.

NeuroFit BC Exercise Videos

By NeuroFit BC

Cost: Free

The NeuroFit BC YouTube channel includes 21 MOVE! exercise videos, six Parkinson's specific special videos, and 12 Fundamentals of Functional Movement videos.

Neuromuscular Parkinson's Exercise

By Adaptive PE

Cost: Free

The Adaptive PE YouTube channel includes four Neuromuscular Parkinson's Training videos (25-45 mins), two short videos focused on exercise of the hands and lower body, and three short videos in Spanish.  Two of the Spanish language videos are focused on exercise of the hands and lower body.  The third is a short talk about fatigue in PD.

NWPF Archived Exercise Classes

By the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation

Cost: Free

The NWPF YouTube channel include playlists with archived recordings of seven Tai Chi, eight Yoga, and 53 Feldenkrais Method exercise classes.

Parkies Punch Back

By Parkies Punch Back

Cost: Free

These 15- to 35-minute Parkinson’s workout videos aim to get the body moving and the brain thinking. Playlists include regular and seated Parkinson’s workouts, and regular and seated brain games.  There are forty videos with a mix of fitness levels.  Workouts include warm up, strength training, punching/boxing, and stretching.  Other elements in videos include balance work, brain challenges, and quick movement work. 

Parkinson Society British Columbia Exercise Recordings

By Parkinson Society British Columbia

Cost: Free

This collection of exercise recordings includes five Move videos (standing), five Move videos (seated), three Rock Steady Boxing videos, four Pilates videos (seated/modified), four Pilates videos (standing), two exercise with poles videos, four hand and dexterity exercise videos, four stretch and strengthen videos, three balance exercise videos, and a 10 day exercise challenge (10 videos, 6 minutes each).  Most videos are 35 minutes to one hour long.

Parkinson’s Disease & Activities of Daily Living (Download)

By John Argue, 2016

Purchase Info: direct digital download

Cost: $14.95

This 55-minute video shows how to get into and out of a car, how to get out of a deep couch, how to get up after a fall, how to start walking after a freeze, and how to help another person do these movements plus 50 more movements.

Parkinson’s Disease & The Art of Moving (Book/Download)

By John Argue, book 2000, videos 2015

Purchase Info: online for book

Cost: digital download $1.99 per lesson or $19.95 for 11 lessons; book $29.95 (out of print)

These videos demonstrate exercises for every portion of the body in 11 lessons (total 3 hours). Book includes over 100 photos. Lessons include sitting exercises, voice and speech, floor exercises, leg stretches, power stances, and walking, freezing, and turning.

Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials (Download)

By Davis Phinney Foundation, 2013

Purchase Info: direct digital download

Cost: Free

Features thirteen men and women with PD of different ages demonstrating both standard and advanced workout routines with twice-weekly variations. Intro reviews benefits of exercise and keys to success. Exercises were developed by physical therapist expert.

Parkinson's Exercise Program 4 You


Cost: Free

Archived classes from March 2020 to the present include yoga, shadow boxing, multi-tasking/cognition, strength and coordination cardio, bigger and stronger.

Parkinson's Exercises Videos

By the Parkinson Association of the Rockies

Cost: Free

A unique 8-part “Exercise Pizza” Series and try out different activities that will incorporate the “ingredients” that have been studied to better help people with PD in an integrated and fun way. In the end, you will be able to choose and apply these “exercise pizza” ingredients in any exercise program you do.

Parkinson's Exercises with Marjorie Johnston

By the Parkinson's Association of Southwest Florida

Cost: Free

Four of the videos posted to the PASF YouTube channel are exercise videos.  Each is 25 minutes long.  Focus of the videos include strength and mobility, balance skills, seated and mat exercises.

The Parkinson's Gym

By The Parkinson's Gym

Cost: Free for 10 videos; $96/3-month membership, $186/6-month membership, and $326/12-month membership for live classes and archived videos

Ten full length exercise videos (and informative blog posts) by personal trainer Zach Guza are free.  Equipment needed: a chair, broomstick, and light weights (or a couple water bottles or food cans).  Gym membership includes live workout classes, access to archived class videos, and personal consults with the trainer.

Parkinson's On The Move

By Parkinson's On The Move

Cost:  Free

Thirty-one archived workouts for those with Parkinson's.  Videos are sortable by level of difficulty, area of the body to focus on, and preferred position (sitting, laying down, or standing).  Other pages on this website offer free recipes and articles about nutrition and PD.

Also available is the Parkinson's On The Move Exercise Library.  This collection of 58 short (1-5 minutes) videos each focus on stretching or strengthening a specific part of the body.

Parkinson's Stretch and Strengthen

By JCC Tampa Bay on the Cohn Campus

Cost: Free

Suzanne Chen leads 43-minutes of stretch and strengthening exercises for those with Parkinson's.  Equipment to follow along include an elastic band, light weights (or water bottles), a 8-9 inch soft ball (or pillow), and a stable chair with no arms.

Parkinson's Wellness Videos

By JCC Greater Boston

Cost: Free

Eight YouTube exercise videos for those with Parkinson's, including four focused on neuromuscular integration, two total body conditioning and one seated strength.  Most videos are about 30 to 45 minutes.

PD-Connect Home Exercise Program

By PD-Connect (Corte Madera, CA)

Cost: Free

Three short (5-8 minutes) YouTube exercise videos for those with Parkinson's, including warm up, stretching, and PWR! & cardio


By PD Warrior PTY LTD, Australia

Cost: Free (in-app upgrades $1.99-$23.99)

Similar to Rock Steady Boxing in the US, this Australian app is available from Google play or the App Store is designed for early stage Parkinson's disease.  It includes 10 PD Warrior core exercises for free with upgrades and additional bundles available via in app purchases to customize your workout.  Each exercise is demonstrated by a physiotherapist.

PFNCA Online Wellness Class for Parkinson's Recordings

By the Parkinson's Foundation of the National Capital Area

Cost: Free

Recordings of nearly 30 exercise classes that include a warm up, low/medium/high intensity exercises, boxing, dance, and cool down.  There are also recordings of choir for PD classes and communications classes.

Popping for Parkinson's

By Popping for Parkinson's

Cost: Free

A 34-minute sample Popping for Parkinson's class for both seated and standing participants.  Popping is a form of dance originating in California in the late 1970s.  Popping dance techniques is an innovative therapeutic tool for Parkinson’s disease.  Live classes are offered via Zoom every Tuesday at 9am (PT).  Register for live classes on the Popping for Parkinson's website.

Power For Parkinson's YouTube Exercise Videos

By Power For Parkinson's

Cost: Free

This collection of YouTube exercise videos for those with Parkinson's disease includes 14 "Take 10" (10-15 minute), 15 full-length (25-50 minute), and 12 hour-long workouts.  Subscribe to Power For Parkinson's YouTube channel so you get announcements when a new video is posted.

Prime PD

By Prime PD

Cost:  Free for Renew Active by United Healthcare, One Pass, and some other insurances, otherwise $19/month.

On-demand library of fitness class videos, including boxing, HIIT, yoga, meditation, and much, taught by coaches who know PD.

If you have a Medicare plan through United Healthcare, call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask for your Renew Active by United Healthcare® or One Pass™ Confirmation Code. You'll need it to register.

PWR!Moves (Book)

By Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR!)

Cost:  $25.95

This book trains large amplitude functional movement with the practice of high effort and sensory awareness, along with neuroplasticity-principled components needed to fully address the motor, cognitive and emotional symptoms of PD.

PWR!Moves of the Month   

By Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR!)

Cost: Free

This series of 25 short (1-6 minute) videos demonstrate effective ways to move when doing everyday tasks, walk, and fall safely.  Also included are some yoga poses and exercises to improve strength, mobility and balance.

PWR!Moves with Claire

By Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR!)

Cost: Free

Five short videos (4 minutes each) demonstrating the five PWR!Moves positions -- standing, sitting, prone, supine, and on all fours.

Qigong Video Library

By Aligned Fitness (San Jose, CA)

Cost: $38/month

An ever expanding library of 50-minute recorded Qigong workouts in serene settings led by Lisa Decker of Aligned Fitness. 

re+active PT Videos for Home Exercising

 By re+active PT

Cost: Free

re+active has posted to its YouTube channel a few exercise videos, including a seated re+move (PD) class (20 minutes), Parkinson's exercise class (25 minutes), and pole walking (13 minutes).

Rock Steady Boxing On-Your-Own Exercise Series (RSB ROX)

By Rock Steady Boxing Indianapolis Headquarters

Cost: Free

This is a series of 66 short videos. There are stretches, warm ups, workouts, fitness challenges, tai chi, and tips & tricks videos.  The idea is by the time you've followed along with one video in each category, you've done a whole body workout.

Simply Stronger - Quick Strengthening Exercises

By the APDA Greater St. Louis Chapter

Cost:  Free

Three short (four-minute) videos include quick chair exercises, exercises for stronger legs and glutes, and exercises for better balance.


By Patrick LoSasso

Cost: $14.95/month or $135/year after a free one week trial

A growing library of workouts for those with Parkinson's, including: 5-minute workouts, Undefeated Boxing, Rise & Shine morning blast, exercise ball, Brain & Body Bar, and Parkinsons' workout with towel and ball.

Tai Chi for Parkinson's

By PD Active

Cost: Free

More than 130 recorded classes, taught by Otto Dittmer. Tai Chi is a mind-body, low-impact movement practice that has been shown to reduce balance impairments in people with Parkinson’s with additional benefits of improved functional capacity and reduced falls. Research shows that Tai Chi also has a beneficial impact on the health of the heart, bones, nerves, muscles, immune system, and the mind.

Total HealthWorks

By Total HealthWorks

Cost: Free

David Zid (Ziddy) is creator of the nationally recognized Parkinson's exercise program, Delay the Disease.  Interact with Ziddy in more than 130 recorded classes posted to YouTube prior to the formation of Total HealthWorks as a subscription-based online fitness and wellness platform. Join Total HealthWorks for live online Parkinson's exercise classes and access to more on demand exercise workouts.

U-Turn Parkinson's Workout Series

By U-Turn Parkinson's

Cost: Free

This collection of pre-recorded exercise videos includes three 20-minute warm up/stretching videos, four 20-minute seated workouts, one 20-minute upper body boxing video, a 9 minute boxing basics video, two one-hour Rock Steady Boxing Winnipeg (RSBW) workouts, two advanced RSBW workouts, and two yoga Parkinson's workouts.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page to find all the videos.)

Union City Parkinson's Exercise Classes

By Union City Community & Recreation Services, Union City, CA

Cost: Free

The PWR! Moves series includes nine 40-minute or so videos that build on each other as well as two 60-minute classes with participants.  (Instructors are Carmen Davis and Rob Magbanua.)  The Boxing for Parkinson’s series includes 24 25-minute or so videos that build on each other as well as one tabata boxing video.  (Instructor is Mike Quebec.) The Mindful Movement series includes seven hour-long videos of seated or standing movements.  Some of these are called yoga for PD.  (Instructor is Nancy Flores.) There also one video <give link> of hula for PD.  (Instructor is Ann Boylan.)  Over sixty videos will be posted to these playlists by December 2023.

Yoga For Parkinson's

By the Neuro Challenge Foundation For Parkinson's

Cost: Free

This series of yoga and meditation videos is for people at any stage of Parkinson's.  If you're new to yoga, start with the three short videos that introduce yoga basics and breath work.  Then, try one of the 30-minute yoga workouts, one on the foundations of yoga and another three focusing on different parts of the body.  Also included in this video series is a 15-minute meditation.

Yoga for Parkinson's

By the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas

Cost: Free

A 30-minute yoga workout with Niki Lane and a 60-minute yoga workout with Aminta St.Onge on the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas YouTube channel.

Yoga for Parkinson's Video Series

By Yoga for Parkinson's

Cost: $40 

This series of six (25 minute) streaming videos is intended to release muscle tension and help build mobility and balance confidence.  Each video focuses on a different Parkinson's issue, including posture, strength and stability, flexibility, balance and stability, anxiety and depression, and on the mat exercises.

Yoga for PD

By Impact Parkinson's (Westminster, BC)

Cost: Free (donations accepted)

This yoga workout, led by Kelly Ranford, RYT-200, MCP, M.Ed., focuses on flexibility and balance, plus relaxation and meditation, as ways of managing PD symptoms. Exercises include grounding and befriending the body, breath work with the intention of reducing stress in the body and mind, yoga movement in standing, seated on the earth, or in a chair.

> View video.

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