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Based on over a decade of experience, the most common reasons people contact us are listed below. Please consider following these links to get answers to your questions on this website.

If you live in Northern or Central California and can't find what you need from the links above, please use the following form.  If you live outside this area, please contact the American Parkinson Disease Association.

Learn More about the Stanford Parkinson's Community Outreach Team

Given that this is not a secured communication channel, please do not provide any personal health information or other confidential personal information in your communication to us.

If you can't use the form, you can leave a voicemail message for us at the Stanford University School of Medicine at 650-724-6090.

Note!  During the time of covid, we aren't going to the office to check our postal mail. However, our mailing address is:

APDA Information & Referral Center
Stanford University Medical Center
300 Pasteur Drive, Room H-3144, MC 5235
Stanford, CA 94305-5235

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