Living with PD

Living with Parkinson's disease (PD) is a challenge! We address some of the most common issues for those dealing with PD.

  • Blogs and Podcasts about Living with PD. These are our favorite blogs and podcasts written by those with PD, PD researchers, or PD organizations.   We also have a list of stories from those with PD who have experienced deep brain stimulation surgery.

  • PD Exercise.  Can't attend an in-person class? Stay at home and exercise with a video.  We list our favorite PD exercise videos.  Or, if the class schedule works for you, try one of these live, virtual PD exercise classes.

  • Staying Independent.  These publications offer some practical advice for staying independent with PD.

  • Symptom Trackers.  Several organizations offer symptom tracking apps and checklists.

  • Families and PD.  When a family member is diagnosed with PD, it affects the entire family.

  • Driving. These resources discuss the impact of PD on driving and how to manage the process of separating an older drive from a life-long habit.

  • Employment with PD.   These resources discuss how to deal with a diagnosis of PD at work, particularly relevant to those with Young Onset PD.

  • Hospitalization.  Many people with PD end up being hospitalized for one reason or another.  These resources help you be prepared!

  • COVID-19 and PD.  Research shows that those with PD and their families are affected by the pandemic, whether anyone in the family has developed COVID-19 or not.

  • Veterans.  Resources to help you understand the relationship between military exposures and PD, clinical care for PD at the VA, how to apply for benefits or get help doing so, and more.

Emergency Contact Card

Some of you may find this emergency contact card useful:

> Emergency Contact ID Card

> Tarjeta de identificación de contacto de emergencia