DEI and Wellness

Inside Stanford Digestive Health - Winter/Spring 2024

Fostering Resilience, Self-Compassion, and Inclusivity

We have made significant strides toward fostering wellness and inclusivity within our division. At the core of our values, we prioritized both Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Wellness, celebrating our varied backgrounds and nurturing the physical and emotional well-being of our faculty, fellows and staff.

Our journey commenced with visiting professor Dr. Laurie Keefer, who provided her clinical and research expertise and guidance to faculty and fellows. Through her Grand Rounds presentation, titled "Building Professional Resilience: Optimizing your Flow Mindset and Practicing Self-Compassion," we gained invaluable insights into nurturing resilience amidst the challenges of our professional journey.

In our quest for physical wellness, we hosted Dr. Abdul Banafa for an ergonomic workshop. Dr. Banafa shared strategies for avoiding injuries, and fun was had, especially in the anti-gravity chair.  As a result of the workshop, Dr. Banafa helped us create a stretch guide which will be located in the endoscopy suite, along with ergonomic materials (stretch bands, massagers, etc). Our goal is to empower providers to prioritize their physical health even on the busiest of clinic days.

Aligned with our value of fostering DEI in the division, we welcomed Grand Rounds speakers Dr. Al'ai Alvarez and Dr. Benji Laniakea. Dr. Alvarez’s talk highlighted the necessity of authenticity and self-compassion as we strive for professional fulfillment. Dr. Laniakea's presentation on LGBTQ+ affirmative care paved the way for the identification of our LGBTQ+ ambassador, Dr. Nikki Duong—an embodiment of our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. We also continued our faculty Diversity Spotlight: Path to Medicine presentations.

In the spirit of camaraderie, we came together to savor moments of connection during several social events, including our staff and faculty BBQ, holiday cookie swap, and commensality dinners. We also gave back to the community, with our Halloween costume collection drive and our volunteer activity with Hands On Bay Area, creating stuffed animals and blankets for local children.

As we forge ahead, we plan to continue to champion DEI and wellness within our division, fostering a culture of inclusion and well-being.

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