Stanford Cancer Institute

Bioscience Screening Facility

About Bioscience Screening

The Bioscience Screening Shared Resource provides SCI members with the ability to run multiple types of high-throughput and high-content screens for the purpose of drug discovery and target identification. The Resource incorporates instrumentation, databases, as well as compound and molecular libraries to allow cancer researchers to discover novel molecular targets and identify small molecules that modulate them.

The Resource allows SCI members efficient and cost-effective access to state-of-the art screening equipment, expertise and services. It continually incorporates new technologies and services to meet the evolving needs of SCI members.

We currently offer the following services to SCI researchers: 

  • Fully automated high-throughput screening of compound libraries for both enzyme/protein based assays and cell based assays, using the Caliper Life Sciences Staccato system. 
  • Genomic siRNA screening with a whole human genome library of 21,000 genes. 
  • High-content screening using a fully automated inverted epi-fluorescence microscope, with live-cell, phase contrast, brightfield, and robotic stacker options and image analysis. 
  • High-throughput molecular biology reagents and services including access to cDNA libraries and high-throughput cDNA purifications. 
  • Assistance for high-throughput assay development, including cell culture, experiment design, robotic programming and Standard Operating Procedure drafting. 
  • Assistance with screening data analysis including protocols, hit determination, and structure activity analyses.    
  • Use of microplate reader detection systems, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence, and kinetic fluorescence reads to measure calcium mobilization and ion channels. 
  • Use of liquid handling robots.