Stanford Cancer Institute

Human Immune Monitoring Center

About Human Immune Monitoring

The Human Immune Monitoring Center. Examples of biomarkers that are specifically relevant to cancer include changes in lymphocyte signaling pathways, serum cytokines and specific immune responses that target tumor cells.

This Resource offers SCI members specialized assays that monitor the effects and efficacy of immunotherapies and vaccination strategies that are becoming increasingly important alternatives or adjuvants to conventional cancer treatment. In addition, pathogens have been implicated in the etiology of many cancers, and the Resource offers an array of methodologies for pathogen identification.

Standardized assays are available to analyze secreted cytokines, cell subsets and functions and gene expression. The Resource offers sample processing and biobanking services, and it maintains an integrated, online database of assay results and clinical/demographic data. 

The Resource offers the following services to SCI members:

  • Multiplex Luminex and Olink immunoassays for human and mouse cytokines, chemokines, etc. 
  • RNA/DNA extraction, including from blood, FFPE tissue, or cell-free plasma 
  • Genomic assays, including BD Rhapsody single-cell transcriptomics and proteomics, microfluidic qPCR arrays (Fluidigm BioMark), and single-cell targeted RNAseq for T cells 
  • Flow cytometry and CyTOF mass cytometry (immunophenotyping, intracellular cytokine, and phospho-flow panels)
  • Statistical consultation specific to HIMC assays