Proteomics Shared Resource

About Proteomics

The Proteomics Shared Resource fosters high-impact cancer research by providing SCI members with access to cutting-edge, user-friendly mass spectrometry-based resources.  The broad range of offerings include support for SCI members’ studies of protein expression, stability, structure and/or function; small molecule drug discovery; examining metabolic pathways; and biologics characterization. In addition to providing facilities and services, the Resource offers multiple avenues for customized user training, methods development and new applications designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of cancer researchers.

The Resource houses 16 mass spectrometers and associated instrumentation, along with in-house data processing capabilities and expert staff to support all stages of project development.   

The Resource offers the following services to SCI members: 

  • Peptide and protein identification 
  • Characterization of post-translational modifications 
  • Quantitative proteomic studies 
  • Biomarker verification and targeted metabolite studies
  •  Drug discovery support 

The Resource provides both education and training to the Stanford research community on how their work can be enhanced and improved by mass spectrometry methods. With the availability of high-quality, on-campus mass spectrometry support, researchers become more involved with experimental design, data analysis and results interpretation, developing a real understanding of the results.


Allis Chien, PhD