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The Stanford Cancer Institute advances the understanding and treatment of cancer through a multidisciplinary, integrated and collaborative community of physicians and scientists

Our Leadership

The SCI leadership team guides our research, translational medicine and clinical programs, and supports the work of over 400 dedicated faculty members.

Our Vision

SCI leaders, members and partners are all dedicated to discovering cancer's causes and treatments, and applying that knowledge to improved diagnostic, therapeutic and prevention strategies. 

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Signature Strengths

SCI members work together in multidisciplinary teams to unravel cancer’s secrets and to transform the latest detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention discoveries into the most advanced patient care available.  

NCI Designation

SCI and our members are proud to be designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health.

SCI Membership

Scientists and physicians from a wide range of disciplines, all dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer.

SCI News & Publications

  • CAR-T Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors

    CAR-T therapy has shown a great benefit in patients with hematologic and lymphatic cancers. However, applying the therapy to solid tumors has proven to be challenging. One of the barriers is T cell exhaustion, where the CAR-T cell becomes dysfunctional.

  • Meryl's Story

    Meryl Selig has had a unique experience at the Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI). She began as a patient volunteer in 2009 before being diagnosed with cancer and becoming a patient. She became one of the first patients to receive a novel chimeric antigen receptor (CAR-T) cell therapy when she enrolled in a phase-one clinical trial in 2023.

  • The Stanford Cancer Institute Early Drug Development program awarded for increasing clinical trial access

    The Stanford Cancer Institute Early Drug Development (EDD) program brings in early-phase clinical trials so cancer patients can have access to innovative treatments that could provide a therapeutic benefit.

Partner Organizations

Association of American Cancer Institutes

The Association of American Cancer Institutes comprises 98 leading cancer research centers in North America. AACI's membership roster includes National Cancer Institute-designated centers and academic-based cancer research programs that receive NCI support.

NCCN Network

The NCCN helps to coordinate cancer programs among its member organizations.

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Your support enables us to advance promising new research and treatment programs, train future generations of physicians and scientists, expand patients support services and share our knowledge with the community.


Caring and committed volunteers help us provide personal attention and friendly faces to patients and their families.


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Family members, friends and the community are encouraged to donate whole blood and platelets for SCI cancer patients.

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