Stanford Cancer Institute

Stanford Cancer Institute’s (SCI) Community is an initiative to deliver cancer-related science learning and dialogue that is socially and culturally relevant for the community.

SCI is collaborating with its researchers, the Stanford Health Communication Initiative (SHCI), community partners, and health advocates to create stimulating learning activities such as Science Café.

About Science Café

Science Café is a learning event created for the community. The event is designed to help the general public understand cancer science knowledge and help make the knowledge relevant to personal lives.

We encourage interactive exchange of questions and dialogue between the science experts and community learners. Currently, Science Cafés are hosted on a virtual platform.

Science Café events for community members:

If you would like information on when Science Café events take place, please visit our community events announcements. You can participate via Zoom online meeting or telephone.

SCI researcher engagement for Science Café:

Are you an SCI researcher or scientist interested in promoting the value and understanding of cancer research in our local communities? We have an excellent team to help you. Please contact