The Shmunis Family Innovation Awards in Cancer Therapeutics

2022 Spring Cancer Therapeutics Awardees

  • “A novel engineered protein therapeutic for treatment of lung adenocarcinoma” Cochran, Jennifer
  • “Improving genome editing technologies to enable chimeric-antigen receptor macrophage (CHARM)-based cellular therapy in cancer” Bhatt, Ami; Bassik, Michael; Bintu, Lacramioara
  • “Biomarkers of immune response in solid tumor patients treated with a novel checkpoint inhibitor combination” Chen, Chris; Satpathy, Ansuman

The Shmunis Family Innovation Award supports the bold and creative research of Stanford cancer researchers with award funding of $50,000-$100,000 per project to develop and test potential new therapeutic drug candidates that could lead to early phase clinical trials and transformative new treatments for patients.  This award was made possible by a generous gift from The So Inclined Philanthropic Foundation, the Family Foundation of Vlad and Sandra Shmunis.

Vlad and Sandra Shmunis are deeply committed to cancer research. Cancer is a disease that has unfortunately touched their family and far too many other families around the world. Their goal is to help make an impact by advancing research and bring new cancer therapies – and hope - to cancer patients and families.

Advancing new cancer treatments hinges on the success of a robust research and drug development program. Now more than ever, research and discovery are accelerating at a rapid pace. The SCI is focused on empowering researchers to pursue high-risk, high-reward drug development projects.  

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2022

Vlad and Sandra Shmunis (Credit: Chen Galili)