SCI Cancer Innovation Award

2022 Spring Innovation Grantees

SCI Cancer Innovation Award

  • “ALCANCE Food for Health Equity” Patel, Manali; Goldman Rosas, Lisa
  • “Community Partnerships to Improve Cancer Survivorship Care for Adolescents/Young Adults in the San Joaquin Valley” Schapira, Lidia; Smith, Stephanie
  • “Multi-Tracer PET imaging for Prostate Cancer Detection Using Context-Aware Generative Models from a single PET” Levin, Craig
  • "Median Survival to Life Expectancy: How Cancer Trial-Reported Outcomes Relate to Clinical Benefit, Population Health, and Health Equity " Goldhaber-Fiebert, Jeremy; Owens, Doug; Caswell-Jim, Jennifer

Stanford Women’s Cancer Center Innovation Award

  • "Leveraging image-based sequencing to dissect multicellular regulation in ovarian cancer" Jerby, Livnat; Howitt, Brooke
  • "Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes and Breast Cancer Mortality in Racially/Ethnically Diverse Participants of the Northern California Breast Cancer Family Registry” Telli, Melinda; John, Esther
  • “Live cell imaging of the cytoskeleton during NK and ovarian tumor cell trogocytosis” Fantl, Wendy; Jackson, Peter
  • "Modeling endometrial cancer using genetically engineered primary organoids"  Kuo, Calvin

SCI Nodal Grant Award

  • “Bioengineering antibodies with phage display to overcome T cell exhaustion in tumors” Lim, Michael; Cochran, Jennifer


SCI Innovation Awards celebrate the dedication of some of Stanford’s most innovative thinkers.  By supporting the novel ideas and groundbreaking work of the awardees, either as individual or group awards, the SCI enhances investigator potential to find solutions that will alter the future of cancer research and patient care.  Since 2006, the SCI has provided over $13M in research related award funding.

Proposal Submission Deadline: June 10, 2022