Stanford Cancer Institute

Flow Cytometry

About Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource is a cutting-edge facility that provides cell analysis and cell sorting services for SCI members.

The Resource’s mission is to promote scientific research and training with the highest level of quality and rigor, and to bring new developments in cytometric instrumentation, techniques and analysis into biological use and routine availability. 

The Resource enhances SCI members’ research productivity and effectiveness through:

  • Promoting high-content data acquisition
  • Ensuring the highest data quality and consistency
  • Carrying out efficient cell sorting
  • Providing reliable data management
  • Educating and training researchers
  • Consulting in experiment design and evaluation

Major applications of flow cytometry services include:

  • DNA content analysis for tumor biology
  • Immunological characterization of lymphoma cells, stem and immune cell sorting
  • Isolation of key cell population in tumors and definition of cell signaling cascades for tumor classification.

The Resource achieves its twofold mission by providing investigators efficient and cost-effective access to equipment, expertise and leading-edge techniques for their cell analysis and sorting needs, as well as leading or supporting the development of new flow technologies and applications.