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Animal tumor

About Animal Tumor Models

Our primary goal is to facilitate SCI members’ high-impact cancer research by providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art animal resources for cancer studies. Such models are indispensible tools for studying cancer biology and testing therapeutic strategies.

Services are provided in two major areas:

  • Transgenic and knockout rodent models
  • Preclinical oncology, including:
    1. Tumor induction
    2. Drug administration
    3. Toxicity studies
    4. Data collection and analysis

The Resource also includes the Transgenic, Knockout and Tumor Model Center (TKTC)

SCI realizes substantial cost savings, efficiencies and scientific advances by providing these valuable scientific services to its members through this centralized facility.

All activities are closely monitored and conducted within strict regulatory guidelines.


  • Vittorio Sebastiano

    Vittorio Sebastiano

    Associate Professor (Research) of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Reproductive and Stem Cell Biology)

  • Hong Zheng

    Hong Zheng

    Research Engineer, Med/BMIR-ITI Institute