Create or review your resume with VMock

BioSci Careers is excited to offer VMock – an online resume/LinkedIn review platform to help you refine your current resume or create a new one!

Who can use VMock?

  • VMock is for current master’s, PhD students, and postdocs in Stanford Biosciences, Stanford School of Medicine, and related departments. 
  • VMock is not for Stanford staff.

To get the most out of VMock:

  1. Set aside a block of several hours to complete your document or review your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Try to finish your document within two weeks of starting it.

Resume template:

If you are applying for industry jobs, use the resume template. Our AI-friendly template is designed for the applicant tracking systems (ATSs) used by employers to screen your resume. Using an AI-friendly template increases the chance that Human Resources and hiring managers will see your resume.

Click on button below to be directed to the VMock platform and follow the next steps to set up your VMock account/profile.

In case of questions, please write to