Internship Programs

What can you get from an internship?

An internship experience can broaden a trainee’s understanding and perspective of their career options, and provide opportunities for professional growth, interpersonal skills development and networking.

An internship can help you:

  • Explore a variety of sectors and functions, or a new career path
  • Engage with interdisciplinary, cross-functional teams and professionals to build connections
  • Experience firsthand roles and functions in careers of choice, to understand the impact of — and gain skills needed to succeed in — particular fields

On a national level:

  • Employers retain more interns as full-time hires than those who didn’t go through their internship program (National Association of Colleges and Employers survey, 2012).
  • Employers also express higher rates of performance satisfaction with PhD students who had previous internship or co-op experience, compared to those without such experiences (National Postdoctoral Association inquiry, 2013).