How Faculty Can Use BioSci Careers as a Resource


BioSci Careers provides outreach services to departments, organizations and journal clubs around various academic, professional, and career development topics. In the past, these have included:

  • The IDP process and how to use it effectively
  • Mentoring
  • Defining career values
  • Leadership development
  • Career assessment
  • Job applications

We are happy to schedule these opportunities or help you develop the ideal opportunity for you and your team. We look forward to working with you!

Contact: Varupi Gupta,

Faculty Meetings

Looking for a way to begin a dialogue with your peers about the career and professional development needs of our trainees? Or, are there BioSci Careers initiatives you believe need further clarification? We are pleased to join you for a faculty meeting to discuss various topics of interest, including:

  • IDP policies and practices
  • Internship policies and practices
  • Career of choice philosophy and ways to support trainees
  • BioSci Careers services
  • And more!

To schedule a meeting or presentation, contact: Stevie Eberle,

Consulting about trainee progress

BioSci Careers' counselors are trained to help faculty and trainees understand and set their academic, professional, and career goals. When problems arise between trainees and faculty, we are happy to help you explore ways in which you may better support your trainees toward their academic, professional, and career success. Please contact: Stevie Eberle,