Alumni Stories: Alumni Name

Miling Harrington
Microbiology & Immunology PhD, 2012

JD Student
Columbia Law School

What from your experiences, development, research, and interactions at Stanford have you found essential to success in your postgraduate career?

The best thing about Stanford is having the resources of a comprehensive university and having almost no institutional barriers to taking advantage of opportunities outside your department. I would encourage any PhD student struggling with whether or not to stay in academia to fully explore the other schools and programs at Stanford and venture off the medical campus.


What have you found personally rewarding about your work/field?

Having more control over my career opportunities, the ability to move vertically and laterally within my field, and a skill set that is much more transferrable.


What information would you share with PhD candidates who are interested in your current field?

Take courses at the law school and talk to other alumni who have gone on to law school following their PhDs.

My best experiences at Stanford were outside the medical campus and I really encourage students to not only seek out other programs for professional development, but to find incredibly smart, passionate and interesting people to engage with on subjects other than biology.

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