BioSci Careers programs and curriculum are designed to assist with trainee academic, professional, and career development. We believe these will be more successful if they include collaboration with trainees. Below are four distinct opportunities for collaboration, but we welcome recommendations for more.

Biomedical & Bioscience Industry Expo (BBIE)

Please join us for our Biomedical & Bioscience Industry Expo (BBIE) each spring. This annual event was originally developed by the student group Stanford Biosciences Students Association (SBSA) and is currently hosted by BioSci Careers. More than just a career fair, the event allows students to develop relationships with a core group of companies and professionals from various sectors. BBIE is also a formal channel for learning about job opportunities and company culture, it showcases current research and trends, and it stimulates the exchange of scientific ideas and dialogue between employers and Stanford trainees, alumni, and faculty.

Event highlights include:

  • Keynote speaker from an organization/company sponsor on the latest trends in Biomedical and Biosciences technology
  • Coffee chats with alumni from various sectors, allowing trainees even early-on in their training to learn about opportunities and company culture
  • Convenient, open floor for easy access to companies and organizations
  • A diverse representation of companies and organizations from a diverse range of sectors in the research, communications, and business fields.

Why an “Expo?”

BioSci Careers diverged from the standard career fair approach several years ago to reflect a culture of dialogue and exchange of ideas between trainees and partners, as opposed to one of placement of trainees into jobs. Here, trainees early in their training can learn about their options and how their skills, interests, and values may fit with those from various sectors. Trainees late in their program may find jobs or discuss with employers the ways in which they feel they fit within various organizational cultures. In turn, ideas about the latest technologies in in all careers of choice may be shared.

Trainee groups, as well as individual trainees, may be of significant help in adding insight into ways to improve the event, providing assistance with development of the event, working at the event the day of, recommending or reaching out to companies/organizations, and/or sponsoring the event in-kind or financially. If you would like to be involved in this high-profile opportunity to connect with employers and alumni, contact:

Curriculum development and support

BioSci Careers has developed an integrated academic, professional, and career development model to help trainees identify, refine, and prepare for their careers of choice. While developing content for these offerings, we often reach out to trainees for feedback. If you would like to be added to our trainee advisory list, please submit your preferred email here.


Teaching and student assistantships

BioSci Careers offers at least one course and/or event per quarter and multiple workshops, in addition to our other services. To both assist with the development and administration of these offerings, as well as to provide leadership opportunities for our trainees, we offer a teaching assistantship and 1-2 student assistantships a year. These are posted on Handshake, Biosciences and in our newsletter. Contact for additional information.

Co-advertising events

Does your organization or lab have a regular newsletter or other method of advertising offerings for Biosciences trainees? Let us know–we welcome the opportunity to send you information to include in these communications.

Likewise, feel free to send your offerings to us to market to all Biosciences trainees and our campus partners as well!