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BioSci Careers is actively involved in bringing our alumni together, and developing opportunities for you to connect with one another and with current trainees in an area of common interest: biomedical science careers. Your own backgrounds and experiences represent an excellent repository of information, and you can be quite useful to one another by sharing insights and perspectives; we are glad to facilitate this process. Additionally, the School is committed to translational medicine, and our department is a clear reflection of this priority. Our programs and activities are inclusive of both clinical and research professionals, designed to stimulate the exchange of ideas among these groups, and serving to bridge any actual or perceived gaps that may exist in their interdependency.

Please be sure to maintain current information about your own career moves and developments with the Stanford Medicine Alumni Association, as we work closely with them to ensure the coordination and delivery of high-quality programs. We are dedicated to fostering an even greater sense of community and strengthening ties with members of our alumni community from all backgrounds, and look forward to your participation and utilization of our programs and services.

Biomedical & Bioscience Industry Expo (BBIE)

“We were very impressed with the quality of potential future candidates we met. Thank you for all of your help.”

“It was very well organized, with a large number of stellar attendees representing a variety of biomedical disciplines. We expect to reap the fruits of the many valuable contacts we have made at this event not only immediately, but in the long term to the benefit of both our organizations.”

The Annual BioSci Careers Biomedical and Bioscience Industry Expo is designed to support dialogue, stimulate collaboration and increase the exchange of ideas between the community of life scientists and clinicians here at Stanford and representatives from a broad range of sectors.

As the only career center at Stanford formally serving the Biomedical and Biosciences, BioSci Careers provides a single point of contact for organizations seeking to build a presence or to strengthen relationships between hundreds of talented trainees, alumni, professionals and faculty at Stanford and from around the Bay Area.

Why an “Expo?”

BioSci Careers diverged from the standard career fair approach several years ago to reflect a culture of dialogue and exchange of ideas between trainees and partners, as opposed to one of placement of trainees into jobs. Here, you will meet trainees early in their training as they aim to learn about their options and how their interests, skills, and values may fit with your own. And you will meet trainees late in their program, seeking to find jobs and eager to discuss with you the ways in which they feel they fit within your organization’s culture. As alumni, you will also have the opportunity, if needed to meet with other alumni and employers

Whether you are looking to hire our well-qualified candidates or simply interested in letting the Stanford community know of your latest technologies, we welcome you to our community of innovators, collaborators, and educators.

Event highlights include:

  • Keynote speaker by an organization sponsor on the latest trends in Biomedical and Biosciences technology
  • Coffee cart for informal networking
  • Convenient, open floor so that all companies and organizations may be noticed
  • Lunch and parking for all company/organization guests


For additional questions or additional information, please contact our office by email ( or by phone 650-721-1893.

Counseling, Coaching and Job Postings

Professional Counseling/Coaching Services: Alumni may have up to four coaching appointments per year for the first two years after completing their Stanford training. Alumni who have completed their Stanford training more than two years prior may have one coaching appointment per year, based on coach availability.

Please note that our staff do not see past, present, or future trainees in private practice. Should you need additional appointments or services, feel free to contact Stanford Alumni Career Services. We do not make referrals to outside service providers.

Scheduling a career counseling appointment: By popular demand, we are using Handshake, Biosciences to make scheduling a counseling appointment with a career advisor easier and more efficient for you.

Handshake, Biosciences is also your exclusive online job and internship database for Biosciences graduate students, postdocs, MDs, MS, and registered alumni. It’s your one-stop hub for job and internship postings, creating career counseling appointments, program announcements, and more!

Click here to register your account and get directions on how to schedule an appointment and search jobs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at: and we would be pleased to assist you.


Alumni are welcome to attend workshops, curriculum, and events when space is available. Priority will be given to current trainees. If you have questions about particular offerings and available spaces for alumni, please contact: