Helping Your Student Group

Leadership development trainings and Career Colloquium

Leadership’s definition is deeply personal and contextual. Whether you are a member of a group, leading a team, or managing an event, BioSci Careers can help you better understand your leadership style and your relationship to others in a team.

  • Leadership Development Trainings
    Using a variety of assessment tools, BioSci Careers staff can meet with you one on one or with your team to discuss your individual leadership style and implications for team interactions.
  • Career Colloquium
    In the past, BioSci Careers has gathered together the leaders of various trainee groups to share career-related programming plans and ideas as well as opportunities for collaborations. We will announce plans for future colloquiums soon via our online calendar and by personal invite to trainee group leaders. If you would like to ensure inclusion in this group, please contact us, and we will add you to our contacts list.


Ambassador's Program

Ambassadors are students and postdocs that provide mentorship to younger trainees and are involved in leadership opportunities in skill development in multiple career sectors. Ambassadors will help lead our Biomedical & Bioscience Industry Expo, create alumni panels, collaborate with in Industry Insights and Industry Onsites, and connect with alumni for our new Alumni Spotlight program. Ambassador’s work directly under BioSci Careers' Associate Director of Connections.


Connections to alumni and employers

BioSci Careers partners with employers, alumni, and campus departments to maintain up-to-date connections within all sectors. When partnering with trainees and trainee groups, we often help determine who would be the best connection for their program goals. Before we provide any contact information, we work with you to determine the best strategy for outreach first and then follow up with an introduction.

BioSci Careers team members enjoy working with trainees to develop professional, career, and personal development programs to determine the best way to meet their career-of-choice goals. One way we help with this process is to meet with trainees when they have innovative new curriculum, workshop, program, or event ideas.  This may also include financial support of programs/events and/or support through outreach to connections, setting up catering, attending the event, and more!

Before meeting with a team member, please take the time to consider the proposal form provided. It is intended to help you think through your idea and its potential for advancing the interests of Biosciences trainees. If you have difficulty completing the form, please bring what you have to the meeting, and we will help you complete it. We look forward to working with you!

Outreach Presentations

BioSci Careers offers presentations to trainee organizations on various career, professional, and personal development topics. These include:

  • Application preparation
  • Job-search techniques
  • Social media strategy
  • Values, skills, and/or interests assessment
  • Leadership type
  • Conflict management
  • Networking
  • Negotiation
  • Interviewing

Please first check our calendar to see what offerings are already available. Please submit requests at least a month in advance and include ideal dates, content, and audience details. We look forward to working with you!

Co-advertising events

Are you offering a program or event that may be of interest to other Biosciences trainees? Let us know–we may be able to include it on our web calendar or in our weekly newsletter.

Likewise, feel free to add our events to your own marketing efforts!

Assisting with the creation or development of your group

Stanford Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) has created guidelines for starting a new student organization. Information can be found on the SAL websiteEven if you are planning to initiate a group outside of SAL, you will be responsible for working within these guidelines.

If you have an idea for a new organization related to professional and/or career development interests, BioSci Careers staff can meet with you to discuss your ideas and plans before you submit your application to SAL. If you are a potential postdoc group and/or would like to discuss options in addition to SAL application, please contact Assistant Dean Stephanie Eberle at the email provided above.

For more information on the benefits or restrictions on registering with SAL, please see the Q&A page.

To contact us about development or support for your event or program, contact us here.
(SUNet ID required)