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Introducing Handshake, Biosciences- Your exclusive connection to the bioscience/biomedical community.

Handshake, Biosciences is the BioSci Careers' exclusive online job and internship database for bioscience PhDs, postdocs, MDs, and registered alumni. It's your one-stop hub for job and internship postings, creating career counseling appointments, program announcements, and more!

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The value of YOUR Handshake, Biosciences Account: 

  • Quickly search and access numerous employment opportunities exclusive to Stanford University Trainees in the Biosciences and Medical departments. Opportunities include full time, part time, internship, and volunteer positions.
  • Schedule and update career counseling appointments 24/7. 
  • Simplify your job search by setting customizable search agents that email results directly to you.
  • Research organizations that are specifically looking to hire you. 
  • Upload your resume for employer “resume books” (coming soon!)
  • Receive announcements about upcoming events and programs (coming soon!)


Create a counseling appointment online:

  • Log-in to your Handshake, Biosciences account
  • Click the “Request a counseling appointment link” (listed under: “shortcuts”)
  • Click the “Check availability” button to generate counseling appointments


Create a Search Agent:

Handshake, Biosciences has a feature called “search agent” which allows you to automate the job search process. When you create your search agent, you define the parameters for what you are looking for including: position types, key words, geographical location, industry sector, and other criteria. Handshake, Biosciences will send the results directly to your email as often as your request.

  • Log-in to your Handshake, Biosciences account
  • Click on the “jobs” tab
  • Click on “advanced search”
  • Create your criteria and click “search”
  • Click on “saved searches” and follow the prompts to save your new search agent!


Search Agent Tips:

  • You can make as many job search agents as you like.
  • Keep your search criteria broad at first and then edit later if needed.
  • Make sure to create a descriptive title for your search agent, to keep it organized.


Upload your resume/cv/cover letter and other documents:

  • Log-in to your Handshake, Biosciences account
  • From the home page click on “resumes” under the “getting started” tab on the right hand side
  • Choose your document type
  • Click on “choose file” to upload your document


Document Tips:

  • Use a title such as “Last name, First name, Resume” versus just using the title “Resume”.
  • Employers will only be able to access one default resume/cv, so make sure that your document is general enough for multiple viewers.



Why can’t I use my SUNet ID for my account?
Your Stanford ID# is used as a way to protect the integrity of Handshake, Biosciences and ensure that only Stanford Affiliates are able to access the system. Your Stanford ID# is the most secure identifier for verification purposes.  


Can my spouse/friend/relative log-in to my account? 
Unfortunately, no. The Handshake, Biosciences database is specifically for Stanford Affiliates.

I can’t log-in to my account, what is happening? 
The following are some of the most common reasons that users are not able to log-in to Handshake, Biosciences:

  • User name was created with out leading zeros in student id #, but when user attempts to log-in they include leading zeros.
  • Attempting to log-in with SUNet ID, email address, or other information as your user name.
  • Forgotten password: For forgotten passwords, please follow the prompts for “forgotten password”. If you are still unable to access your account, send us an email at: bioscicareers@stanford.edu


I believe that I qualify for a position, however, Handshake, Biosciences will not allow me to apply. 
One of the strengths of Handshake, Biosciences is that employers post and manage their job opportunities. We actively consult and educate employers on best practices to reach the most qualified candidates for their positions.

If you believe that you meet the parameters for a position and Handshake will still not let you apply, please email us at: bioscicareers@stanford.edu including the position name and we will investigate further. 

Handshake, Biosciences Disclaimer

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to connect with a large number of leading employers through Handshake, Biosciences. Although we monitor the site, we are unable to screen every individual employer or job posting. Those who use the job listings do so at their own risk. BioSci Careers, its staff, and Stanford University assume no liabilities related to the accuracy or inaccuracy of information provided in job listings and do not represent or act on behalf of the hiring authority. Site users are urged to validate job postings and use caution and common sense when applying.  Do not disclose social security numbers, credit card information or bank account numbers to unknown employers.  

If you believe an employer has misrepresented a job or his/her organization in any way, contact BioSci Careers immediately at 650.712.1893 or by email at bioscicareers@stanford.edu.

Other Specialized Job Search Engines

1) Bio Careers enables you to search positions in academia, industry, and government which are expressly appropriate for MDs and PhDs in the life sciences and engineering.  To make full use of the services available establish an account and register here: http:/stanford./biocareers.com/

2) Nature Jobs features vacancies from a variety of organizations worldwide, especially representing the sectors of academia, biotechnology, and government:  http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/index.html

3) Rich’s Business Information: National Bioscience Database lists various types of jobs ranging from executive to manager-level in various departments (management, R&D, marketing, legal, etc.) within the Biotechnology and Medical Device sectors. For those interested in high-tech jobs, the National High-Tech Database is located here as well.  Postings are listed from all states and they include organization contact information : http://www.richsdata.com/ 
*Subscription paid for by central campus Career Development Center

4) BioSpace allows job seekers to search for positions at life science companies by industry, industry segment, service, and location, providing a large selection of possibilities:   http://www.biospace.com/

5)  Medical Workers is an extensive job posting resource for those considering jobs in allied health, nursing, or medical practice as a physician:  http://www.medicalworkers.com/

6)  The Chronicle of Higher Education is a leading resource for finding recent articles and advice about, and jobs in, academia and higher education administration: http://chronicle.com/section/Home/5 (BioSci Careers also carries the hard copy format of this publication in the library)

7) International Jobs Center provides job postings for those interested in international work, including: international healthcare, government, education, development and more. Postings are added weekly through International Career Employment Weekly: https://ocs.fas.harvard.edu/links/international-career-employment-weekly (password information may be obtained by visiting BioSci Careers library)