Stephanie K. Eberle, M.Ed

Executive Director
BioSci Careers | Stephanie Eberle on LinkedIn

Stephanie began their tenure at BioSci Careers in 2008 developing curricula and resources for all biosciences trainees to explore and define a path toward their own careers of choice. In their 20+ years of professional experience, they have found that their passion is helping others find and follow theirs.

Stephanie helps trainees with all aspects of professional/career development, and they are especially interested in issues of gender and diversity in the workplace. Stephanie holds an M.Ed in counseling.

Latishya Steele, PhD

Director, Biosciences Programs and Curriculum | Latishya Steele on LinkedIn

Latishya works with BioSci Careers and the Office of Graduate Education to develop a curricular framework in graduate education that integrates academic coursework, grant and fellowship writing, oral and written communications, and professional and career development.

Latishya comes to this work as a researcher in fruit fly genetics with postdoctoral experience in teaching and education as a Curriculum Fellow at Harvard Medical School. She loves developing curriculum and programs for those aspiring to be or who are professionals in the biosciences.

Denishia Clark, MPH

Associate Director, Connections | Denishia Clark on LinkedIn

Denishia contributes to the BioSci Careers community by supporting students' and trainees' academic success and professional growth. She leads strategic development for career engagement with alumni and relevant programming with employers. She is committed to supporting emerging leaders in the Biosciences as they expand their professional networks. Denishia joined BioSci Careers with over ten years of program management experience, curriculum development, managing educational programs, and building sustainable partnerships.

Debra Rosenfeld, MA, LMFT

Assistant Director, Counseling and Resources | Debra Rosenfeld on LinkedIn

Debra directs BioSci Careers' counseling program. She enjoys developing curriculum and teaching professional development classes. Debra is passionate about empowering trainees to find their ideal career, confidently market themselves, and manage their careers.

Debra is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been providing professional development and career counseling for more than 15 years. She has also held marketing and business roles in the pharmaceutical and tech industries. This diverse background gives Debra a broad perspective on career opportunities for bioscience and medical trainees.

Varupi Gupta

Connections & Communications Specialist

Varupi is responsible for communications and marketing of BioSci Careers. She is passionate about finding meaningful ways to engage with our career community for the success of Biosciences students and trainees. She is experienced in internal & external communications (web, print, and digital formats). She is fluent in German and has previous experience in project management and library & information management.

Alison Roth

Program Coordinator

Alison Roth served for three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the central west African country of Cameroon, where she found that her broad experience in the arts, including 12 years at Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center and some 40 years as a freelance cellist, led her to encounter local culture with enthusiasm and a desire to understand it more fully. She offered her particular skills to His Royal Highness, the Paramount Fon (King) of Nso', and to the Fon of Melong to help bring long held dreams of building palace museums come closer to fruition. She continues to work on those projects in collaboration with Cameroonians in the diaspora and in country and is building a virtual museum/website that highlights the collection and culture of the Nso’ people. 

She also brought her science and education background to bear on creating a network of environmental NGO leaders for their mutual support and benefit, connecting them to students at the secondary school she taught at via an experiential science club organized to give students a look at how science is practiced and enhances occupations in their community and beyond. 

Bev Principal

Consulting Event Specialist

Bev has worked as Event Specialist at BioSci Careers for the last five years. Prior to this, she spent 13+ years as Associate Director at Stanford's main career center, where she managed the Employment Services Team. 

Bev's background reflects a wide range of experience including manager roles in human resources in the high tech industry, and product and branding advertising. 

Bev holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from San Francisco State University. Her extra curricular activities include the role of Treasurer for the annual HR Symposium, and volunteer extraordinare for the SPCA.

Consulting Counselors

Marlene Scherer Stern, M.Ed

Marlene retired from Stanford BEAM, Career Education, where she served as an Associate Director/Assistant Dean. She has 25 years experience working in Career Development in a diversity of roles and is passionate about working with clients to better understand themselves, and how they connect to the world of work. Signature career development programs co-designed by Marlene include a career mentoring program for PhD’s and the Stanford Immersion in Medicine Series Program. She is thrilled to help provide career counseling and coaching to our trainees and students. Marlene holds an M.Ed in Higher Education, serves as a Faculty for NACE Career Coaching Intensive and as a Higher Education & Career Development Consultant.

Student Assistants

Adriana Gonzalez

Postdoctoral Associate

Adriana is a 3rd year Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Pediatrics and Genetics at the School of Medicine. She is currently studying the mechanisms of species specificity of viral transduction, specifically for Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) in the Mark Kay lab. Her career interests are in industry R&D. Outside the lab, cooking, puzzles and anime are her entertainments

Cristabelle De Souza, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Cristabelle De Souza, PhD is BioSci Careers Teaching Assistant (TA). She's a Postdoctoral Fellow in Department of Pathology. Her pronouns are She/Her/Hers.

Career Ambassadors

Julia Adamska

Julia is a 2nd year PhD candidate in the Immunology program at the School of Medicine. Co-advised by Dr. Bali Pulendran and Dr. Jin Li, she is studying the role of the dsRNA-editing enzyme ADAR1 in the context of the innate immune response.

Jane Antony

Jane is a 3rd year Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Michael Clarke Lab at the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine and is working on tumor-initiating cells in epithelial cancers. She obtained her Phd at Imperial College London in Cancer Biology, focussing on tumor metastasis. Prior to this, she completed her Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering at the National University of Singapore. Jane enjoys being a full time scientist and part time amateur artist and experience creator. Her career interests are life science investing and strategy consulting, Biotech R&D Space, Data science and analytics focussed on the healthcare industry.

Camilo Espinosa

Camilo is a PhD student in the Immunology program at Stanford with a passion for serving others. Camilo got his Bachelor degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied Biology and Mathematics and graduated in 2018. While at MIT, he worked in the Ploegh Lab at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and interned in the Dixit group at Genentech for a summer. After his Bachelor’s, he spent a year at the University of Cambridge working in the de la Roche group as an MPhil student at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. He started his PhD training in the fall of 2019.

Kristel Tjandra

Kristel Tjandra is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the laboratory of Samuel Yang, MD at Stanford Medicine. She obtained her doctorate degree from the University of New South Wales in Australia, where she focused on the development of targeted cancer therapy. Her research interests span the field of nanomedicine, drug delivery, medicinal chemistry, and disease diagnostics. Working in the interface of chemistry and biology, she currently focuses on developing diagnostics for bloodstream infection to slow down the spread of antimicrobial resistance. Outside of lab, she enjoys engaging in science communication, community outreach and education.

Catherine Zhang

Catherine is a 1st year PhD student in the Cancer Biology program at Stanford. Catherine graduated from Columbia University in 2018, where she studied Biology and Environmental Science. She then spent two years as a research associate at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Outside of lab, Catherine enjoys playing tennis, cooking, hiking, and watercolor painting. 

Vy Nguyen

Vy is a 3rd year PhD candidate in the Developmental Biology program at the School of Medicine. She is currently studying the mechanisms of cell-cell communication within the islet, as well as the effects of immune cells on the islet in the context of diabetes in the Seung Kim lab. Outside of lab, Vy enjoys ceramics, gardening, upcycling furniture, and anything food related.