Collaboration Opportunities

Alumni connections

It has been said that 80% of the job market is “hidden,” meaning that most jobs are obtained through networking. This is true in all careers of choice, including academic careers. BioSci Careers manages a database of important collaborators from various sectors who have served, or wish to serve, as mentors to trainees and/or panelists or speakers for various academic and professional events.

If you there are previous trainees with whom you believe we should connect, or companies/organizations you believe we should be connecting with, please contact: Stevie Eberle at

We look forward to working with you to connect our trainees to their future mentors, colleagues, and employers!

Career Transitions: Academia immersion clinics

INDE 231A & B courses were developed to give trainees hands-on immersion into the creation of academic job applications (231 A) and interviews/talks (231 B) which make Stanford Biosciences trainees more competitive on the job market. Curricula includes panels of faculty speaking about success factors by institution as well as final advisory meetings to review dossiers and rehearse talks.

If you would like to be a part of these courses to advance our trainees’ academic job prospects, please contact: Debra Rosenfeld,

Working groups

BioSci Careers develops its strategic goals according to the interests and input of all partners. We are especially pleased to collaborate with Biosciences faculty members to advance trainees’ academic goals and translate these into professional skillsets and viable career opportunities. As part of this process, we seek feedback at any time. To participate in a regular dialogue and actively be a part of the change you wish to see in Biosciences education, we have developed working groups around various initiatives. These include:

Faculty liaison:

  • Julie Baker

IDP Working Group:

  • John Boothroyd (chair)
  • David Kingsley
  • Tom Wandless
  • James Nelson

Internship Working Group:

  • Sheri Krams (chair)
  • Theo Palmer
  • Julie Baker
  • James Spudich
  • Joseph Puglisi
  • Tony Ricci


If you would like to join a pre-existing committee or would like to discuss opportunities for upcoming working groups, please contact: Stevie Eberle,

Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) Internship Program and Course

Complementing our internship policies is a 7week class, Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO), which prepares trainees for their careers of choice. Curriculum includes exploration of options, assessment of personal interests, preparation of application materials and career decision making. To aid in career exploration and the decision making process, BioSci Careers hosts a mentor night where trainees share their career goals with academic and professional mentors from various institutions and organizations.

Another topic of conversation during this class is how to include one’s advisor/PI into the conversation about internships and professional goals. We are always searching for potential mentors and presenters with an interest in providing support and feedback to trainees throughout the course. If you are interested, contact the BioSci Careers office at