Trainee Organizations

Professional and career development is one of the objectives of trainee organizations. The Office of Stanford Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) recommends that all such activities be developed in collaboration with career services offices on campus to ensure quality and effective results. BioSci Careers collaborates with most Biosciences trainee organizations to define and develop their objectives.

Two organizations have been developed directly from BioSci Careers sponsorship:

Stanford Advanced Degree Candidate Consulting Club (ADC Consulting Club)

The Stanford ADC Consulting Club supports trainees considering a career in management consulting through preparation for interviews, sharing consulting job opportunities, and organization of campus events jointly with consulting firms.

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Stanford Biotechnology Group (SBG)

SBG facilitates opportunities for experiential education, hosts invited speakers, and provides relevant online content for trainees who are interested in exploring careers in biotechnology business, management, and investing.

BioSci Careers is proud to support and collaborate with the following trainee groups:

Association for Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (ACSSS)

ACSSS is a student-run organization that helps incoming Chinese scholars get settled at Stanford, provides information on academic/professional opportunities in China, and hosts social gatherings and large events to foster appreciation of Chinese culture.

Association of Industry-Minded Stanford Professionals (AIMS)

AIMS provides guidance and support for postdoctoral scholars interested in pursuing a career path in industry through networking opportunities such as mixers, seminars, and talks by industry representatives.

Biological Interdisciplinary Open Maker Environment (BIOME)

BIOME is a student organization dedicated to providing open space for anyone interested in pursuing bioengineering and biology inspired projects.

Biomedical Association for the Interest of Minority Students (BioAIMS)

BioAIMS represents graduate students from 14 bioscience home programs, aiming to address the needs and concerns of current minority students through a supportive community, career development sessions, outreach/mentoring programs, and social events.

NeuWrite West

NeuWrite West is creating a forum in which scientists interested in writing and writers interested in science can come together to share and critique one another’s work, with a focus on writing about science for a general audience.

Stanford Biosciences Student Association (SBSA)

SBSA serves all students in biology-related fields by building community through social events, facilitating student-run programs, connecting students to mentoring, career, and educational advance opportunities, and advancing student interests as a liaison to Stanford administrative offices.

Stanford Leaders in Communication (SLIC)

Excellent communication is key to a successful career in academia, industry, teaching or anything else that a postdoc might venture into. Through weekly workshops and highly interactive meetings, SLIC helps trainees effectively communicate their ideas, persuade their colleagues, and much more.

Stanford Medical Student Association (SMSA)

SMSA advocates for the medical student body as a liaison between students, faculty, and the administration, in addition to supporting other student groups and promoting education, community service, social well-being, and leadership.

Stanford University Postdoctoral Association (SURPAS)

SURPAS is a volunteer advocacy forum aiming to enhance the Stanford postdoc experience by working with Stanford administrators to create career development programs for postdocs in the job fields of academic faculty, industry, teaching, and policy.

Collaborating with BioSci Careers

To develop collaborations or to explore whether you should create a new group or program, please visit our Helping Your Organization page.