Resources for PhD/Master's students, Postdocs, MDs, and PA students

Career Library

BioSci Careers' library contains hundreds of books and online resources on career and professional development:

  • Biopharma and Medical Devices
  • Consulting
  • Education and Academia
  • Entrepreneurship, Business, and Management
  • Healthcare
  • Law and Technology Transfer
  • Media, Government and Nonprofit
  • Professional Development

Career Videos

This curated collection of career videos includes these popular topics:

  • Academic Jobs
  • Biopharma
  • Interviewing
  • Resumes / CVs
  • Government Careers
  • Science Policy
  • Media / Science Communications
  • Diversity
  • Career Management

Online Handouts

Download reference documents and templates on a wide range of topics covering:

  • Cover Letters
  • Interviews / Talks
  • Job Search
  • Teaching and Research Statements
  • Academic and Industry Interviews
  • Informational Interviews
  • Negotiation and Networking

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PhD and Postdoc Career Guide

Stanford's comprehensive guide to finding and getting your job of choice.