BioSci Careers provides counseling/coaching, curriculum, and connections to more than 3,000 trainees in the medical and life sciences.


Our confidential, individual counseling/coaching appointments:

Address any academic, professional, and/or career development concern you may have. Some of the most common questions we encounter include:

  • How do I choose the right career for me?
  • What are my career options?
  • How do I make the most of my IDP?
  • How does my academic training translate into my career of choice?
  • How do I get the job I want?
  • How can I be successful in my career?
  • How do I deal with workplace or educational challenges or conflict?


Help you understand your career preferences and options:

  • Discover your interests, skills and values through assessment tests, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory, the Knowdell Career Values Card Sort, the Knowdell Motivated Skills Card Sort, myIDP, Career Leader (for business careers), and StrengthsQuest.
  • Learn about numerous career options, such as: academia/education, biotechnology, communications/media, consulting, data, finance, government, law, healthcare, policy, and many others.


Help you prepare for, and transition to, your career of choice:

  • Learn job-search strategies
  • Understand how to network effectively
  • Develop skills for career success
  • Refine your career documents and presentations, especially:
    • CVs
    • Resumes
    • Cover letters
    • Research statements
    • Teaching statements
    • Statements of purpose
    • Job talk preparation
  • Learn how to interview with confidence, via:
    • Practice interviewing (mock interview)
    • Learn interview strategies and techniques
    • Rehearse job talks and chalk talks
    • Practice negotiating


We offer curriculum to help you identify your career options, refine and experience various careers, and prepare to enter your career of choice.

For upcoming curriculum, see our calendar.

For a full list of curricular offerings, please see Curriculum.

Curriculum Offerings

Development workshops and coursework help define your academic and professional skills, interests, and values.

Awareness panels and events help you identify your career-of-choice options.

Prep & Practice coursework allows you to refine and experience various careers of choice.

Transitions workshops and immersion clinics help you prepare for your career of choice.



We offer you many opportunities to build connections with companies, organizations, and alumni. Please join us for the following opportunities:

  • Biomedical & Bioscience Industry Expo (BBIE)
    This springtime event allows you to develop relationships with organizations and professionals from various sectors. More than a career fair, BBIE offers the opportunity to learn about company culture, see the latest research and industry trends, apply for job opportunities, and exchange scientific dialogue between employers and Stanford students and faculty.
  • Industry Onsights
    Stanford Bioscience trainees are invited to local biotech companies for site visits. Site visits include lectures on the company’s products, technologies, and career opportunities; lab visits; and opportunities to meet many employees in a variety of roles.
  • Industry Insights
    These events showcase employers from a variety of sectors and industries – their latest technologies, job prospects, and personal career stories.
  • Handshake, Biosciences
    This database contains job and internship postings from employers who want to hire Stanford graduates and trainees. Employer and recruiter contacts are also listed in Handshake.