Combined Pediatrics-Medical Genetics

The combined Pediatrics-Medical Genetics program is a four-year program that combines educational opportunities in both Pediatrics and Medical Genetics and prepares the trainee to be board certified in both Pediatrics and Clinical Genetics. Our program has two positions each year.


  • Diverse clinical exposure: large, active clinical genetics programs enable trainees to work with patients of all backgrounds with a wide range of genetic conditions all at a single medical center with a new children's hospital
  • Strong clinical and research opportunities within pediatric genetics and opportunities for connections across Stanford School of Medicine
  • Onsite clinical genetics laboratories (e.g. biochemical, cytogenetics, molecular, exome sequencing)
  • Interactions with broad community of genetics trainees: ranked #3 for Graduate Schools in Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics by the US News and World Report
  • Integration across both programs all 4 years
    • attend genetics clinic once/month during pediatric rotations 

Explore Combined Peds and Genetics Program

Combined Peds and Genetics Residents: Courtney Verscaj, MD and Ali Schildt, MD.  

When I visited Stanford on my interview day, I was most impressed by the faculty’s passion for education and commitment to making combined residents feel connected with both the Pediatrics and Medical Genetics sides of the residency program.  Residents consistently spoke of the deliberate effort made by the program to ensure that residents’ learning goals were met in a motivating and supportive environment. Most importantly, it was clear to me that I would easily find exceptionally strong and dedicated clinical and research mentors at Stanford. -Courtney Verscaj, MD