How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in our program. We welcome applications from all interested candidates from across the country and from diverse backgrounds. We particularly encourage applicants from underrepresented backgrounds to apply to our program. We use a holistic review of applicant files and do not have a specific board score cut-off for consideration. In addition, all of our Resident Selection Committee members receive training in Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias, and we use a number of measures to mitigate bias in our recruitment efforts including suppression of photos and structured interview questions.

Application materials MUST be submitted through ERAS.
Application Deadline: by 8:00 a.m. PST, September 27, 2023
Interview decisions will be made after a review of your complete application. In order for your application to be considered complete, all required materials must be received no later than 8:00 am PST, September 27th.

Required Materials

  • Completed ERAS application form
  • MSPE ("Dean's Letter" from your school)
  • Letters of Recommendation (3-4):
    • Minimum: 3 letters of recommendation with at least 2 that must be clinical letters from faculty that can describe your clinical skills including medical knowledge, clinical reasoning, communication, professionalism
    • 1 Clinical letter from Pediatrics faculty member
    • 1-2 Clinical letter(s) from any Pediatrics or Non-Pediatrics faculty member
    • Optional: 1 Letter from significant extracurricular activity, research, etc.
  • Personal statement
  • Medical School Transcript
  • USMLE Score Transcript
  • NRMP Number

How to Apply to Specific Programs

Special Materials:

  • If you are currently in a residency training program, a letter is also required from the program director.
  • If you also hold a PhD, please also include a letter from your PhD advisor.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Additional letters of reference are accepted – email us 
  • We require that you have passing USMLE Step 1 and 2 scores and do not have a minimum score cut-off. We do not require Step 2 completion by the time applications open but will require it by the time we rank applicants in February.
  • DO Applicants: We will accept either USMLE or COMLEX scores. Pediatric inpatient experience is required with letter from this inpatient experience highly preferred.
  • IMGs: Must have clinical experience in the US with at least 2 letters from faculty in the US you worked with in the clinical setting. J-1 visas are sponsored through the Graduate Medical Education Office. H-1B visas may be considered.
  • In-person visits: We occasionally get requests from applicants for in-person tours of our hospital. Unfortunately, our program is not able to host applicants in-person at Stanford as we are following national pediatric recruitment guidelines that recommend no in-person recruitment in order to promote equity for all applicants, some of whom cannot travel to visit programs. In lieu of that, we encourage applicants to review our website and social media channels to learn more about the program, hospital and surrounding Bay Area. We are happy to answer any questions you have by email as well.