Advising and Mentorship

Advising Associate Program Director

Each class has their own Associate Program Director, who advises the entire class throughout residency, to provide longitudinal support. The advising APD meets with each resident a minimum of twice a year and helps them navigate residency. The APD provides personal support, career guidance, reviews milestones, help set individualized goals, and discuss and approve elective requests.

  • Caroline Buckway, MDClass of 2023 and Combined Pediatrics-Anesthesiology Program 
  • Caroline Okorie, MD, MPH: Class of 2024 and Child Neurology Program
  • Lahia Yemane, MD: Class of 2025 and Combined Pediatrics-Medical Genetics Program


Each resident has a coach to provide longitudinal assessment and formative feedback throughout their training, and to help them develop skills of lifelong learning and self-reflection. The coaches do monthly observations on the wards and in clinics, observing history-taking, physical examinations, hand-offs, care conferences, and other skills that the residents self-identify.


In discussion with advising APD's and based on the interest and needs of the resident, residents may be connected with other mentors who can help advise about electives, career development, and application processes.

Physician Scientist Research Advisor

Residents in the physician scientist track have a dedicated Physician Scientist Research Advisor, Zack Sellers, MD, PhD, who meets with them three times per year to discuss their research goals and Individualized Development Plan. For more information about the Physician Scientist Track, please click here.

Scholarly Concentration Leader

All residents choose a Scholarly Concentration half-way through intern year, and the Scholarly Concentration Leaders serve to guide their way through choosing a scholarly project and mentor to work with.

Scholarly Concentration Research Mentor

Each resident has a direct research mentor to help them create a scholarly project. (For more information, see the Scholarly Concentrations page.)