Coaching Program

The Coaching Program is an innovative approach to providing longitudinal assessment and feedback to residents throughout their training, and to help residents develop skills of lifelong learning and self-reflection.

Each resident is assigned a specific Faculty Coach who observes and guides that resident across multiple rotations, inpatient and outpatient settings, and training years. The Coach observes the resident in multiple clinical situations (rounds, clinic, initial H&P, handoffs, supervisory encounters, care conferences, and others) and provides specific and directed feedback aimed at strengthening clinical skills. The Coach also communicates with service Attendings to enlist their assistance with furthering specific skills for a given resident. For instance, if a resident has particular difficulty in concise patient charting, the Coach may make the Attending on service aware of this ongoing challenge for the resident and ask them to review notes with the resident. Coaches will also solicit feedback from Attendings following their interaction with the resident to gain additional insight. Coaches also participate in monthly faculty development sessions and serve as part of the Clinical Competency Committee. Each Coach oversees approximately 10 residents.

The Coaching Program is under the direction of Becky Blankenburg, MD, MPH, Coaching Director, and Carrie Rassbach, MD, Program Director.

Faculty Coaches

Becky Blankenburg, MD

Coaching Director

Carrie Loutit, MD

General Pediatrics  
Associate Coaching Program Director

Carrie Rassbach, MD

Program Director

Jonathan Avila, MD

Adolescent Medicine

Jessica Gold, MD

Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Alain Kipps, MD


Debbie Sakai, MD

Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Kiki Boyd, MD

Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Kim Hoang, MD

Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Sara Kreimer, MD

Hematology Oncology

Diane Stafford, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology

Kevin Chi, MD

Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Lynne Huffman, MD

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

Jen O'Malley

Child Neurology

Mike Tracy, MD