Educational Conferences

Morning Report

Morning Report takes place 4 times per week at LPCH and 3x per week at Valley. Morning report emphasizes clinical reasoning by working through interesting clinical cases.

Noon Conference

Noon Conference takes place 3 times per week at LPCH  and Valley. Noon conference focuses on both general pediatrics and subspecialty topics using the American Board of Pediatrics Content Specifications and in conjunction with clinical learning.

Nighttime Teaching

We focus on practical nighttime teaching topics at both LPCH and Valley. Teaching is led by supervisory residents or hospitalists.

First Year Resident Boot Camp

This summer-long series is specifically designed for first year residents. It takes places weekly, and all first year residents are protected to attend. In this series, we emphasize critical thinking, skill development and systems based practices needed for succeeding as physicians.

Grand Rounds

Held every week from September-June, Grand Rounds is a great way to learn cutting edge pediatric clinical research, basic science research, child advocacy, quality improvement, medical education, and global health.


We offer simulation for the following areas:

  1. PALS
  2. NRP
  3. PICU
  4. NICU
  5. Procedure days

Schwartz Rounds and Fireside Chats

Residents join hospital-wide Schwartz Rounds forums to discuss important topics to practicing medicine including humanism and compassion with other health care professionals. Residents also have resident-specific forums through a Fireside Chats curriculum to discuss various aspects of being a humanistic provider.

Career Development Series

A series of sessions are held to introduce residents to career possibilities, including how to apply to fellowships and jobs, how to negotiate, how to maximize residency in preparation for next steps, etc.

Scholarly Concentration Research Retreats

Three times per year, each residency class has dedicated research retreats to learn skills related to scholarship (applying for IRB, literature reviews, etc) and work on their scholarly concentration projects.

Step Ups

At the end of each year, each class is brought together for a day of reflection and Schwartz Rounds and leadership development in preparation for the next year of residency.