Underrepresented in Medicine Funded Visiting Pediatrics Clerkship

Program Description

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values for our residency programdepartment, and school of medicine. Through longitudinal mentorship and innovative curricula, our residency program trains physician leaders as compassionate clinicians, educators, advocates, and scholars to advance the health of all children and their families. 

In partnership with the Stanford Clinical Opportunity for Residency Experience (SCORE), the funded visiting pediatrics clerkship program is designed to give students a chance to experience first-hand our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and advancing health equity, through clinical experiences, forming relationships with our residents and faculty, and learning more about our unique programs.  

As Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford (LPCH) is a tertiary care center and safety net provider for the community, students will be exposed to a diversity of patient populations and disease processes. We offer a variety of 4-week rotation experiences, ranging from inpatient sub-internships on general pediatrics, renal/rheumatology, pulmonary, GI, Hematology/Oncology to Endocrinology Clinic, Cardiology Consults/Clinics, or Infectious Disease Consults/Clinics. Students will also participate in our educational programming, including morning report, noon conference, and grand rounds.  

  • Funding includes up to $2,000 for reimbursement of travel expenses. 
  • Housing accommodations will be provided at no additional cost. 
  • Each student will be paired with a faculty member who will serve as a mentor and advisor. 
  • Each student will be paired with a resident “Big Sibling”   
  • Each student will have a personal meeting with the Pediatric Residency Program Director.  
  • Each student will have a personal meeting with the Pediatric SCORE Director.  
  • Students are invited to participate in events hosted by the Pediatric Advocacy CouncilOffice of Diversity in Medical EducationGME Diversity Committee, and more to learn about the broader community. 
  • Each student is invited to interview for our residency program. 

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be from groups underrepresented in medicine (UIM). This includes individuals who are underrepresented in medicine, socially, economically, or educationally disadvantaged, and others whose backgrounds and experiences would diversify their clinical fields. 
  • Completed core clerkship in Pediatrics 
  • Applying for residency position in Pediatrics 
  • Complete the application at the SCORE website

How to Apply

Visit the Stanford Clinical Opportunity for Residency Experience (SCORE) for application deadlines, requirements, and more. Applicants not chosen to participate in the SCORE program are still encouraged to submit a standard clerkship application for consideration.


Peds SCORE Director, Dr. Yemane (center) with Peds SCORE students at Office of Diversity in Medical Education Networking Event hosted for SCORE, Stanford University Minority Medical Alliance (SUMMA), and GME Diversity Committee (2021).

Welcome Dinner for Peds SCORE Students with Resident Big Sibs and Faculty Mentors (2019)


Name: Diana Pena, MD
Medical School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
 Pediatric Resident
SCORE Program, 2020

My experience in SCORE was virtual, but even virtually I got to learn so much about Stanford Peds including the financial and ethnic diversity of our patients. I also got to meet residents and learn about their advocacy efforts relating to DEI and was assigned a resident mentor who was wonderful. Through SCORE, I could tell how much the faculty cared about the residents and DEI and this was a major factor behind my enthusiasm to train at Stanford.

Name: Cristal Suarez, MD
Medical School: University of California, Davis
 Pediatric Resident
SCORE Program, 2020

Even through a virtual SCORE rotation, I felt all the support of the Stanford Pediatrics family and was able to see the diversity of experiences represented, from learners to leadership. I was drawn to how the program and Stanford GME are always evolving in their ability to nurture inclusion for both their learners and patients. I look forward to learning with this community of physician advocates that is dedicated to growing together.

Name: Faye Mendoza, MD
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University
 Pediatric Resident
SCORE Program, 2019

During my month at Stanford, I was connected with amazing mentors who are not only highly accomplished but incredibly approachable and attuned to the needs of the patients we serve. It opened my eyes to a community devoted to patient care and people who appreciate the essential role of diversity in medicine. I could not be happier to continue my training at Stanford and to grow as a physician in such a wonderful community.

Name: Eva Molina, MD, MBA
Medical School: University of California, Irvine
 Pediatric Resident
SCORE Program, 2019

The SCORE program was a wonderful experience for me and truly allowed me to witness Stanford’s commitment to diversity. Not to mention the program provided me with amazing resources like mentors and big sibs who were wonderful! The camaraderie I felt and saw within the medical teams and the true commitment to providing excellent care to all patients from various backgrounds is one reason why I chose Stanford. I also chose Stanford because of how supportive everyone was, which shined in various ways.