Residents with Children

We at Stanford pediatrics love children and care deeply about supporting residents who have children. We do this through a combination of benefits, mentorship and activities that support and involve children and families.

  • We offer top-notch healthcare benefits in the Stanford network for residents, their spouses and children free of charge (no deductible)
  • We offer paid parental leave per GME policies
  • We offer a 4-week new parenting elective for residents who have newborns to learn from home about newborn care and health
  • We have lactation rooms throughout our training sites
  • Stanford has a number of affiliated child care centers available through the WorkLife office
  • All of our Stanford-affiliated housing options welcome residents with children
  • Located in the Silicon Valley, we have had success helping residents’ partners find jobs in tech, health care, teaching, and other fields
  • As a residency, we host social events that include residents’ children