ODME Undergraduate Programs' 25th Anniversary Celebration Event - June 28th 2024

Join us on June 28th to commemorate 25 years of undergraduate program participants entering the health workforce! 

ODME undergraduate program alumni are invited to return to the Stanford campus for a 25th anniversary celebration from 8am - 1pm. Attendance is FREE, registration is required. Join us for a morning of inspiration and shared history.

If you are unable to attend the 25th anniversary on June 28th, please consider making a video tribute. It only takes a few minutes: ***If you are unable to attend the celebration, please send a video tribute: Tribute link

The power of the human spirit is something to behold

25 Years of History at a Glance

Stanford ODME Summer Undergraduate Programs

1997-2007 (Data Collected in 2013)

2011-2014 Snapshot