2024: Celebrating 25 Years of ODME Undergraduate Programs

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ODME Undergraduate Programs - Alumni Network

In the past decade, our alumni network has flourished, becoming a cornerstone of support and guidance for current and recent participants alike, transforming into a robust community driven by a shared commitment to giving back and fostering the next generation of medical professionals.

Alumni continue to come back and give back, leading roles as summer faculty and staff, participation in the pathway programs speaker series, sharing expertise and experiences with aspiring health professionals. Alumni continue to serve as points of contact and advisors for recent transfers, graduates, and health professions school entrants navigating the complex landscape of medical education and career development. The invaluable support facilitates various transitions from student to trainee, and ultimately, professional.

The new alumni mentorship program launched early this year, was possible only through donations of our alumni time and experience. In addition to their time and expertise, alumni have also rallied together to launch a fund aimed at improving service and support for ODME undergraduate program participants. This fund serves as a testament to their commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in medical education, ensuring that all aspiring physicians have access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Our ODME undergraduate program alumni network has evolved into a powerful force for positive change. Through these efforts, alumni are not only shaping the future of medicine but also leaving a lasting legacy of support and solidarity for future program participants. Learn more about our alumni network:

Spring JUSTHealth Newsletter

Spring 2024 ODME Undergraduate Pathway Programs Update

We are pleased to share the spring edition of our alumni update. Please email us at odme_outreach@stanford.edu if you would like to suggest a topic or content for the next edition of the update. Cheers!

Send Us Your Updates

Calling all Undergraduate Program Alumni! (LEAP, SSCCrP, HCOP, SPSP, SRECC, SSCCPP)

Send us your personal and professional milestones, achievements, awards, or update your contact information using our alumni update form. You will be asked to upload a photo, indicate which ODME program you were part of, and  provide a personal or professional update.

“We have the power to change the world. All it takes is one person to start make a change, to start a movement.”  - Jazzelle

Stay Up-to-Date!

Get connected, stay connected. To contact us,  visit the ODME contact page or email odme_outreach@stanford.edu and join the mailing list to receive quarterly alumni updates.

ODME Undergraduate Programs Alumni

We love hearing from our program alumni and are happy to support your next transition by offering:

  • Advising appointments
  • Leadership and mentorship opportunities
  • Letters of support, evaluation, reference, recommendation (must meet eligibility requirements, details below)
  • Networking and professional development events
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Alumni Homecoming - Coming soon

ODME Undergraduate Pathways Alumni Homecoming on February 2, 2024

The first alumni homecoming event for ODME pathway programs alumni was held just prior to the SUMMA conference. In 2019, a group of LEAP students and summer program alumni who attended the SUMMA conference were connecting with ODME staff to share their highlights from the event. It was recommended that ODME host a convening just prior to the conference to facilitate networking, professional development and preparation for the conference. Now, each year, our homecoming will be held on the Friday prior ot SUMMA to convene our alumni and program participants to connect with each other in advance of the conference. Dr. Ron Garcia joined the research programs and attendees had dinner with Dr. Reena Thomas, Associate Dean of the Office of Diversity in Medical Education.


Christopher Ramirez (HCOP ʻ13)

known to his cohort as “Rambo” presented his research entitled, “Investigating Presenilin as a Potential Molecular Target of Opportunity for Exploring Alzheimerʻs Disease”


Micaela Staggʻs (SSCCrP ʻ23) Poster

“Enhancing Healthcare Delivery through Interdisciplinary Pre-Rounding in the Primary Care Underserved Community Clinic” was presented at a conference in Dubai. Sheʻs been invited to Paris to present her findings with her PI, Dr. Donald Golden


St. Georges Medical Student Abibat Oshiobugie-Suleiman (SSCCPP ʻ15)

presented her research “KNOWUrSCT - Knowledge and understanding of Sickle Cell Trait)


Surprise guest: Dr. Ron Garcia congratulates Juan Melesio (SSCCPP ʻ19) on his recent medical school acceptances.


Letter Service for Alumni

Our office is happy to provide letters of evaluation, recommendation, reference, etc., for individuals who have successfully completed an ODME undergraduate program:

  • Summer Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP)
  • Stanford Premedical Summer Program (SPSP)
  • Stanford Summer Community College Premedical Program (SSCCPP)
  • Stanford Research Experience for Community College Students (SRECC)
  • Stanford Summer Community College Research Program (SSCCrP)
  • Leadership Experience for Aspiring Physicians (LEAP)


Program alumni in good standing are eligible to request letters for a variety of opportunities, including but not limited to*:

  • Scholarships

  • Internships

  • References/Jobs

  • Transfer

  • Continuing education (Medical School, graduate school, etc.)

(*You may also request a medical school admissions portfolio review by submitting a completed individual admissions portfolio, or a printout of your AMCAS application. Please allow up to 8 weeks for review and follow up.)


“I benefited immensely from this program. I gained a network of mentors, peers, and contacts that will help me all along the way to and through med school.” - Joseph


Instructions for Requesting a Letter or Review

When making your request, plan to have the following documents, as relevant to share via upload:

  • Personal Statement/Statement of Interest

  • Resume/CV

  • Guidelines for letter writers, as applicable

  • Links to appropriate websites and instructions for submitting your letter

  • A brief statement about the kind of letter you are requesting (character reference, letter of evaluation, recommendation, nomination)

You must indicate a primary author for your letter. You may also designate additional contributors. Do not select individuals who have not interacted with you (i.e., instruction, mentorship, ongoing contact) in a meaningful way. They will likely not be able to author a STRONG letter. You should email your primary letter writer in advance of sending the request.  

The turnaround for letters will vary depending on the time of year. To be sure that your letter arrives as you requested, make your request early and select your submission deadline carefully. As a general rule of thumb, Fall is an ideal time to request a letter, and we recommend a minimum of two months from the time of request.