We support programming and events that foster inclusion, community building, and personal and professional development.

Healing Circles

Launched in 2021-22 academic year, as a housestaff-led initiative, these are monthly sessions with the purpose of providing a consistent space for diverse GME housestaff to express themselves, participate in peer support, and establish community. The intention of these sessions is particularly to support and provide space for conversations around topics including but not limited to diversity, equity, and inclusion for residents and fellows. Please consider participating in our Healing Circle sessions, occurring every third Tuesday of each month at 6pm. Healing Circles are peer facilitated by group-therapy-trained Psychiatry residents (*these sessions are not meant to provide and/or replace formal mental health resources).

FAQ 1: I’m unsure about coming to a session, or I don’t have time to commit to multiple sessions. Is that, OK?

Answer: Yes! Individual group sessions are designed to be stand-alone and therefore will not require continuous monthly participation for an individual to receive benefit from each session they attend. If you feel inclined to try us out, you only have to plan on attending once.

FAQ 2: Are there designated topics for each session?

Answer: Topics are designed to be mostly dependent on the participants of any given session, but facilitators will be instructed to construct each session with a particular framework for consistency (opening prompts, and themes/topics to facilitate healing/discussion). Facilitators will also have prepared topics to encourage participation (i.e. burnout, imposter syndrome, homesickness, transition of responsibilities, etc.).