Alumni Association


The ODME Undergraduate Pathway Programs Alumni Association (UPAA) is forming to cultivate a vibrant community of support across the health professions continuum.

Our pathway program alumni understand that the journey to a career in medicine can be challenging, and aspire to create opportunities for alumni to connect, collaborate, and empower one another. The association brings together participants of ODME undergraduate premedical pathway program participants, fostering a network of like-minded individuals committed to advancing their careers in healthcare.

Whether you are a recent alum preparing to transfer, a seasoned alum embarking on your medical school journey or a new professional looking to mentor the next generation, UPAA is creating the space, resources, and opportunities to foster those connections. From networking events and professional development workshops to mentorship programs and community outreach initiatives, UPAA will provide the opportunity for alumni to engage with peers, mentors, and industry leaders.

Alumni who have successfully completed an ODME undergraduate pathway program are automatically considered members of the association. To learn how you can become part of a thriving community dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare, please email us at or complete this interest form. 

Alumni Association Officer Elections - May 2024

Officer elections are being held for the ODME Undergraduate Pathway Programs Alumni Association between May 1 and May 15, 2024. Please review the guidelines for voting and candidate information below. Click here to access the ballot. Voting will close at 12:01am Pacific time on May 15th. 

Guidelines for Voting for Election of Officers and Executive Committee Members, Constitutional Amendments, and Conduct of Meetings of the Association

As set forth by the Office of Diversity in Medical Education on May 1, 2024 to be considered for adoption by the Officers and Executive Committee of the Association pursuant to Its Constitution with noted date. 

Guidelines for Election of Officers and Committee Members and for Constitutional Amendments

  • All-Media Voting. Subject to the procedures set forth in the Association's constitution and these Guidelines, balloting materials relating to the election of officers and the Executive Committee of the Association as well as proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be provided electronically to each eligible voter, unless a voter has asked the secretary or the Office of Diversity in Medical Education (ODME) to provide a paper ballot by mail, in which case the secretary will send such voter a paper ballot by mail, and will send ballots electronically to all voters who do not request a paper ballot.
  • Nomination of Candidates for Officer and Executive Committee Positions. The officers and Executive Committee of the Association shall be elected in accordance with the constitution and by laws. Candidates may be nominated by a Nominations Committee or self-nominated. In addition to this nominating process, any 10 members qualified to vote may file with the Secretary of the Association a nomination of one or more qualified persons for election as an officer or member of the Executive Committee. If no candidates are nominated in this manner for a particular office or Executive Committee seat, then the Nominating Committee's candidates shall be the sole candidates.  In any Association election in which there is only one candidate and there are no petition candidates (an "Uncontested Election"), the Association will not conduct an alumni-wide vote. Instead, the Association Executive Committee shall declare the sole candidate the winner of the Uncontested Election after the deadline for petition candidates has passed. The Association Executive Committee shall determine when an Uncontested Election has occurred and shall report the result of the election to the alumni.
  • Voting for Multiple Candidates. If more than one candidate is nominated for the office of Chair, co-chair, Secretary, orTreasurer, then the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes for such office shall be elected. 
  • Signatures Required. Where these Guidelines set forth signature requirements, electronic signatures will be accepted.
  • Balloting Period. The voting period for this special election shall be May 1 - May 15. After the inaugural officer election, the appropriate elections will be held annually to coincide with the SUMMA conference and alumni homecoming each February. The dates of the voting period will be determined and notice placed on the Association page of the ODME website 60 days prior to the opening of the period. In addition, the Executive Committee may in its discretion call for a special voting period (particularly for constitutional amendments) outside of the annual period. When the Executive Committee elects to call for a special voting period, notice must be announced on the Association web site no later than 60 days in advance of that special voting period.
  • Election Cancellation. The Executive Committee may cancel an election relating to constitutional amendments in extenuating circumstances, as determined in its sole discretion. Properly filed and pending Petition Amendment proposals shall be included on the ballot of the next annual or specially-called voting period, subject to the written consent of the Sponsor.
  • Notice of Voting. Information regarding election of officers and Executive Committee members as well as proposed amendments to the Constitution, will be provided to alumni in the following manner: (a) posting of a notice on the Association's website no less than 30 days in advance of the opening of the voting period and (b) sending a notice to all alumni by email no less than 30 days in advance of the voting period. Such notices shall serve to inform alumni that there will be an election of officers and an Executive Committee and/or a vote on proposed amendments to the Constitution. The notice also shall refer alumni to the Association's web page for further information, including the names of the candidates, text of any proposed amendments, these Guidelines, and information on how to access forums where alumni may debate, lobby and learn more about the election and/or the amendments. The notice shall include contact information for the ODME liaison and the UPAA outreach chair.
  • Balloting Material. The text and layout of the ballot and related materials shall be at the discretion of the ODME and executive committee. The ballot relating to any proposed amendment to the Constitution may include such other information as may be deemed appropriate by the ODME staff liaison. The communication to alumni shall also
    specify the last date on which votes may be cast.
  • Results of Voting. The election of officers and the Executive Committee will be announced following the petition period. The results of any vote on constitutional amendments shall be published on the Association's website no later than 30 days after the end of the balloting period and through appropriate alumni communication channels as quickly as possible.

Guidelines for Conduct of Alumni Association Meetings

  • Date of Annual Meeting. In accordance with the Association's Constitution, the Annual Meeting will be held on the Friday prior to the SUMMA conference unless otherwise scheduled by the Executive Committee, who will have the right to reschedule meeting dates in the event it is deemed necessary or appropriate to do so.
  • Notice of Annual Meeting. Notice of the date, time and place of the Annual Meeting shall be given by publishing the same in such medium as the Executive Committee shall deem appropriate at least 60 days before the Annual Meeting. This notice shall specify that the agenda and subject matter of the meeting be made available on the Association's website. The Executive Committee or its designee shall maintain the Association's website to ensure that it includes such information.
  • Conduct of Business at Meetings. The Agenda and Order of Business for any Annual Meeting or Special Meeting shall be established by the Executive Committee and available to the alumni on the website. The Executive Committee may choose to adopt a recognized procedure for the conduct of any such Meeting, but shall not be required to do so.
  • Amendment to Guidelines. These Guidelines may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Alumni Association Bylaws

Alumni Association Constitution

Alumni Board Responsibilities

Meeting Participation:

There are three (3) regular Board meetings held each fiscal year. Attendance is expected to be virtual for at least two (2) of the three Board meetings. The annual meeting, occurring concurrently with alumni day and the SUMMA conference is expected to be in person. All Board members are expected to attend the annual meeting, Homecoming activities, and alumni-focused virtual or in-person events throughout the year.

Community Outreach:

This task may involve talking with prospective program participants, connecting with other alumni, planning or attending events, speaking to local civic groups, and more.

Alumni Engagement:

Assist ODME and the Association in identifying, cultivating, and involving alumni in areas such as recruitment, career networking, legislative advocacy, and identifying prospective donors. Participate in Board sponsored initiatives.

Program knowledge:

Be familiar with the programs and activities sponsored, organized, and coordinated by the Office of Diversity in Medical Education and the Association.

Advice and Support:

Serve in an advisory and advocacy capacity for the Association and provide active support of the Association through resolutions and Board advocacy.