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Leadership Education in Advancing Diversity

The Stanford Medicine LEAD Program is a 10-month longitudinal leadership program for residents and fellows across GME to develop leadership and scholarship skills in addressing issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), to produce leaders in academic medicine dedicated to EDI, and to improve the culture of medicine.


Develop diverse, inclusive leaders that advance health equity.


Educate and empower the next generation of medical leaders to advance equity, diversity and inclusion.


Our patient populations are rapidly becoming more diverse, yet the academic medicine workforce has remained static in reflecting the patients we serve across diverse backgrounds. Medical leadership needs more diverse representation of people with disabilities, racial/ethnic, sexual and gender minorities. Building leadership and scholarship capacity for improving equity, diversity and inclusion efforts should begin early during residency and fellowship training. This will strengthen the faculty pipeline in academic medicine and ensure that our core values of equity, diversity and inclusion are reflected in our medical programs, leadership, and culture.

Program Outline

LEAD is a 10-month longitudinal program for residents and fellows that provides leadership training and mentorship in creating scholarly works around equity, diversity and inclusion topics. It consists of monthly, 2-hour evening sessions from 6-8pm. The expectation is that participants will attend a minimum of 8 of the 10 sessions. The first hour is devoted to interactive discussion-based lectures on equity, diversity and inclusion topics led by leaders in and outside of the Stanford community. The second hour is spent working in mentored, small groups on developing workshop presentations, culminating in the annual Diversity and Inclusion Forum to showcase the scholarly works completed.


In its first year (2017-2018), LEAD had 13 pediatric residents and fellows participate in the program with three small groups. In 2018-2019, we had 25 residents and fellows participate across seven clinical departments at Stanford with 5 small groups. For our third cohort (2019-2020), we had 37 residents and fellows across all Stanford GME programs with 7 small groups. For our fourth cohort (2020-2021), which was completely virtual due to COVID, we had 67 residents and fellows across all Stanford GME programs with 10 small groups. Many groups have presented nationally, as well as local and regional venues; prior cohorts are also still presenting their workshops and are working on curriculum and publications. See the alumni section below for more information about each cohort.


The LEAD Program has received the 2020 institutional leadership award from the Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP) and the Stanford University President’s Award for Excellence Through Diversity.

The LEAD Program has received the 2020 institutional leadership award from the Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP).

Former LEAD Scholar:

"I always felt I had something to say, but part of me thought my voice shouldn’t be so loud. The mentors in this program helped elevate my voice and told me my ideas mattered as much as everyone else’s. They helped me have a sense of belonging among a world of accomplished doctors and scholars I once felt distant from. Now, I can see myself tapping into my potential for leadership, and it’s exhilarating." 

LEAD Program Application 2021-22

We are taking applications to participate in the 5th cohort of the innovative LEAD (Leadership Education in Advancing Diversity) Program, starting in August 2021. The LEAD program is looking for scholars (residents and fellows) and educational mentors (faculty, educational administrators) who are passionate about equity, diversity and inclusion. The mission of LEAD is to educate and empower the next generation of medical leaders to advance equity, diversity and inclusion.

  • 10-month longitudinal program
  • Monthly, 2-hour evening sessions from 6-8pm
  • Attend a minimum of 8 of the 10 sessions
  • Develop workshop presentations to showcase scholarly work
  • Present at the annual Diversity & Inclusion Forum
  • Deadline for application submission: July 21, 2021 at 11:59 pm

Application for Scholars

Application for Educational Mentors

Session Dates (3rd Thurs except *):

  • Aug 19, 2021
  • Sept 23, 2021 (*)
  • Oct 21, 2021
  • Nov 18, 2021
  • Dec 16, 2021
  • Jan 20, 2022
  • Feb 17, 2022
  • Mar 17, 2022
  • Apr 28, 2022 (*)
  • May 26, 2022 (*)