Living in the Bay

Palo Alto is centrally located in the Bay Area -- allowing for quick and easy access to all the diversity this region has to offer!

Finding housing in this area can be a challenge, but we hope that this guide will help you to be settled in no time.


1. Do not limit yourself to the immediate campus area

It may be more convenient to live in a centrally located house or apartment, but many residents live as far north as Redwood City, or as far south as Sunnyvale. Rent tends to be less expensive in Mountain View and Redwood City than Palo Alto and Menlo Park.

2. Reach out to prior residents and fellows

The best housing has been handed down from resident to resident. You never know what secret apartment has been kept in the program year after year! Many apartment complexes also do not advertise and may not pop up as opportunities right away. 

3. Utilize online resources

If you are searching from afar, Craigslist and other housing websites are very useful. SUPost is an internal website for Stanford affiliates and can also point you toward good options. 


The University Housing Office is open Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is located at 565 Cowell Lane, on campus. They maintain a cardex file of rental listings, and university identification is required to access their services. A copy of your House Staff contract would suffice. This office does answer inquiries, and we can help get you access to a computerized list of their rentals.

Subsidized housing for Stanford affiliates

Interns and residents are not eligible to live on the Stanford campus in graduate housing, or to purchase condominiums and houses for sale on campus land. You are, however, able to rent apartments at University-owned apartment complexes at subsidized prices.

1. Welch Road Apartments

Located at the corner of Pasteur Drive and Welch Road, Welch Road is the home of many residents at Stanford, and is the closest complex to LPCH. The rent is cheaper than many equivalent sized apartments off campus. There are a variety of studio, lofts, and one bedroom apartments to choose from.

Applications for the Welch Road apartments are included in your registration packets and should be returned promptly to House Staff Administration. Incoming interns and residents are given top priority for any available units. Assignment is based on a lottery held in early May of each year. Residents are allowed to live at Welch Road during their initial Stanford residency only, and must move once they have completed residency.

2. Stanford West Apartments

Stanford West Apartments were completed in the spring of 2002. One, two, and three bedroom apartments are within walking distance from the Medical Center. The complex has an on-site day care center. Further information can be found at

3. The Colonnade

The Colonnade is a subsidized apartment complex that rents based on a priority ranking system with preference given to Stanford faculty, employees and affiliates. It is located in Los Altos, and is close to grocery stores and many restaurants.

You may find more information at